Consultation Process

The University, in consultation with the Steering Group on Strategic Planning (SGSP), identified seven strategic areas which formed the basis of the Strategic Plan for 2022-28. They were first formally discussed in the Strategic Planning Retreat (Retreat) held in May 2021. The Retreat was well attended by members of the Council and the Court, heads and representatives of academic departments, and directors/heads of administrative offices and units, as well as nominated faculty members. Views on the opportunities and the challenges facing the University deliberated at the Retreat were used as input to formulate a draft Strategic Plan. The draft Plan was then disseminated to the entire University community for consultation in October/November 2021. In addition, two forums were held to solicit views from faculty and staff as well as students on 10 and 15 November 2021 respectively. Feedback collected from the entire University has been incorporated in the revised draft for endorsement by the Senate and approval by the Council. The Strategic Plan, which outlines the goals and strategic initiatives of each of the seven strategic areas, will guide the development of the University in the coming years.