Augmenting Postgraduate Studies

In the 2019-22 triennium, we focused on the expansion of postgraduate (PG) programmes including professional programmes at the doctoral level and internationalisation of PG programmes through collaborations/partnerships with renowned Mainland/overseas institutions. Different learning opportunities have been provided to enhance the international learning experiences of our students, e.g. international conferences and study trips were organised with and at our partner institutions, development of double degrees and joint degrees, etc. Building on our strong UG foundation (which complements our PG programmes), the University will focus on augmenting the development of PG studies.

Strategic Initiatives

  • To continue to develop new PG programmes to serve specific societal needs in the following priority disciplines:
    • Arts: Art, culture and creative industries
    • Business: digital economy, big data, AI, risk management and insurance, and innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Social Sciences: health and social services, gerontechnology and well-being, smart city, counselling and positive psychology
    • Science: ecology and environmental protection
  • To organise collaborative research and postgraduate courses with Mainland/overseas institutions
  • To develop joint research postgraduate (RPg) programmes through partnerships and collaborations with renowned Mainland and overseas institutions
  • To expand taught postgraduate programmes with a strong international orientation and some with professional orientation/recognitions, building on the strengths of Lingnan and its strategic partners
  • To continue expanding the number of RPg students to create a critical mass for further enlivening the research environment
  • To contribute to regional/national development by nurturing talents in relevant disciplines such as those needed in the Greater Bay Area Strategic Development Plan and the Belt and Road Initiative
  • To strengthen community engagement with facilities in the city
  • To offer multi-campus learning experiences