Interfacing Responsible Leadership with Glocal Entrepreneurship

Whole-person development through an enriched campus life has been a distinct feature of Lingnan’s liberal arts education for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. To respond to dynamic demands and meet current and prospective needs in the 21st century, Lingnan strives to prepare its students to be responsible and ethical citizens who will play a leading role in addressing contemporary issues from both local and global perspectives. They will be empowered through opportunities for engaging themselves in innovative and entrepreneurial activities in the region and beyond. Students’ career opportunities will be enhanced and energised as Hong Kong will be increasingly integrated with the booming Mainland, particularly the Greater Bay Area.

Strategic Initiatives

  • To nurture caring leaders with glocal vision - a global perspective anchored in local and national heritages, including knowledge about Hong Kong’s Basic Law, National Security Law and China’s Constitution
  • To cultivate whole-person development to prepare students for the employment landscape and to nurture them to remain competitive glocally and to act responsibly in the changing world
  • To facilitate and provide tailor-made learning support for all students, including those with special educational needs
  • To provide more opportunities for students by expanding collaborations with partners in the Greater Bay Area to incubate start-ups, develop suitable technology, and engage them in innovative and entrepreneurial activities in the region and beyond
  • To strengthen exchange programmes, overseas internships and international Service-Learning programmes