Inspiring Research with Impact

We highly value research and knowledge transfer (KT) that generate social impact and demonstrate care for the community, as encapsulated in our tagline Impact with CARE – which stands for Committing to Society, Advancing Entrepreneurship, Revitalising Heritage, and Embracing Sustainability.

With a dual focus on the quality and impact of research, Lingnan is committed to both local relevance and international resonance. We will proactively seek funding support from the wider society, continue to build research capacity and strength through both regular and strategic recruitment, and forge international research collaborations by developing more international and regional inter-university research platforms and partnerships.

Strategic Initiatives

  • To support strategic thematic research areas to increase the number and monetary value of competitive research and KT grants
  • To achieve more “world leading” (4-star) and “internationally excellent” (3-star) ratings in UGC’s future Research Assessment Exercise
  • To recruit talents to strengthen strategic research clusters
  • To develop international and regional inter-university platforms to promote research collaboration, publication and KT
  • To reach out to the wider community in Hong Kong and overseas for joint research funding
  • To pursue emerging industrial partnerships and research collaboration for environmental sustainability
  • To raise Lingnan’s prominence in promoting cultural exchanges with the establishment of the Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies