Andrew Yao Cho-fai, Chairman of the Council (left) and Leonard K Cheng, President (right)


We are pleased to present the new Strategic Plan 2022-28 of Lingnan University.

This Strategic Plan is formulated in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global pandemic has shown, more than ever, the importance of both resilience and flexibility, two institutional capabilities we have developed in dealing with unforeseen disruptions. With strong values and bold strategies, Lingnan University is steadfastly committed to achieving academic excellence by providing quality education and superb learning experience to students and conducting impactful research inspired by care for society. Building upon our previous success and responding to the changing landscape of the higher education sector, the 2022-28 Strategic Plan lays out a clear road map for the development of Lingnan in the next six years as the University fulfils its vision as a leading liberal arts university in Asia.

The University has experienced a lot of extraordinary changes and challenges in recent years. To navigate the landscape that is full of opportunities yet filled with uncertainties, we have identified new strategic priorities while unyieldingly holding to our vision, missions and values. The new Strategic Plan is designed to move the University forward in seven strategic areas: Optimising Liberal Arts Education in the Digital Era; Augmenting Postgraduate Studies; Inspiring Research with Impact; Interfacing Responsible Leadership with Glocal Entrepreneurship; Bolstering Institutional Advancement, Alumni Development and Branding; Enhancing Campus Infrastructure and Planning Campus Expansion; and Deepening the Connection to the Greater Bay Area and the Rest of Mainland.

We are deeply grateful to all Lingnanians who contributed to the development of this Plan. The views, ideas and suggestions collected from our stakeholders during the planning process were all valuable and useful. With the concerted efforts of the Lingnan community, the University is determined for success. We look forward to working closely with all stakeholders in implementing the new Strategic Plan in the years to come.

Andrew Yao Cho-fai 
Chairman of the Council

Leonard K Cheng