Deepening the Connection to the Greater Bay Area and the Rest of Mainland

In alignment with the HKSAR Government’s support for universities in Hong Kong to offer education services in the Greater Bay Area, Lingnan has been collaborating with some higher education institutions in the area. Taking into consideration the close cooperation between 11 cities of the Pearl River Delta including Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the Greater Bay Area presents significant opportunities for Lingnan and its students.

This Strategic Area focuses on the development of the University’s platforms and networks on the Mainland to raise its competitiveness and contribute to the research and teaching and learning initiatives in support of the University’s strategic directions of a) engaging in deep collaboration with Mainland partner institutions and actively exploring the establishment of a collaborative campus in the Greater Bay Area; and b) enhancing students’ learning experience through outreach and experiential programmes.

Strategic Initiatives

  • To formulate a Mainland strategy and designate an office to provide oversight on Mainland matters
  • To establish Institutes for Advanced Studies and innovation centres with Mainland institutions for joint research, PhD training and wider R&D engagement
  • To explore with Mainland institutions to develop a collaborative campus in the Greater Bay Area or other locations on the Mainland with adequate and reliable fiscal support