Public Forum on Services Information for Informal Carers and The Dissemination of a Carers' Handbook

Carer Support

16 October 2023

In response to the needs of caregivers, APIAS released the physical version of the "Carer Handbook" on October 16, 2023, to promote information about caring for caregivers. The handbook has two main purposes, including helping caregivers understand different caregiver services and resources, and raising public awareness of caregivers. Through the handbook, APIAS hopes to introduce relevant carer services to allow carers to be self-reliant and self-enhancing, and hopes that the public can understand more about elderly care knowledge to jointly cope with the challenges brought about by the aging population in the future. The content of the handbook is now available for download. (Chinese Only)

Taking the opportunity of the new book launch, our center hosted the Public Forum on Services Information for Informal Carers on the same day, inviting stakeholders related to policy and service to discuss how to promote the effective dissemination of information. The speakers included Mr. Ho Kai-ming, Under Secretary for Labour and Welfare , Mr. Lee Shu-wing, Chairman of the "Subcommittee on Promoting Carer-centric Policies” of the Legislative Council, war correspondent Ms. Susanna Cheung Chui Yung, celebrity Dr. Karen Cheung Siu-Lan , and other representatives of the social welfare industry, caregivers and students etc.

Download Carer Handbook (Chinese Only)