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Civic Engagement - Community Service Projects (L.O.V.E.)

Community Service Projects
organised by External Organisations under L.O.V.E. (Lingnan Off-campus Volunteer Experience) 

Civic Engagement Training

Learning, Action and Reflection
For encouraging students to build up their own repertoire of knowledge to serve the community in a proper manner and internalize their service experience after the service programme, students are welcome to join either the training in the domain of Civic Education - Civic Engagement programme of the ILP or the training within the service programme. Students will share their learning experience in the reflection paper and in the presentation session to realize what they have leant. 

Topics of the training workshops:
• Basic knowledge and attitude in volunteering
• Service skills training, such as listening skills, skills serving children or needy groups
• Leadership skill and project management

Please refer to the talks/workshops under "Civic Engagement Series" in ILP - Civic Education.

Service Practicum 

Students can choose to accumulate 5 hours of training in the domain of Civic Education - Civic Engagement programme of the ILP and 25 hours of service practicum by serving under L.O.V.E. during their 4 years of study.


Procedures for the recognition of CE:
Step 1: Attend training workshop in ILP domain of Civic Education – Civic Engagement programme
(Note: If the L.O.V.E. programme includes the training, the training hours will be also recognised.)

Step 2: LOVESelect community service projects in L.O.V.E. at
Step 3: Submit the Pre-service questionnaire (CE03A) to the collection box at OSA before commencement of the service

Step 4: Record the service hours and write service log in the Community Service Log Form (CE02). Invite service coordinator to certify the service hours or provide other evidence of proof, such as service hours recorded in Volunteer Movement’s Volunteer Service Record Book or Certification issued by the service organisation. Submit the Community Service Log Form to the collection box at OSA within one month of the service completion

Step 5: Fill out the Post-service questionnaire (CE03B) and Reflection essay after the completion of 5 hours training and 25 hours service practicum and return them to OSA. Present the service experience in the Civic Engagement Community Service presentation session

Step 6: Check the updated record on your participation in CE in DegreeWorks at the end of each term to ensure the CE units are recorded
• Students are required to keep a photocopy of the submitted documents for own reference.
• If the services are conducted in more than one organisation, students should complete a Community Service Log Form and submit to OSA for each project.
• Civic Engagement Community Service presentation sessions will be organised in Nov and Apr in each academic year.

Enquiries & Application
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