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Great news! The LU peer counsellors have successfully completed all the trainings, including basic counseling skills training and mental health first aid course, etc.  We are now ready to provide support for students.  Our objectives are to equip ourselves to support peers while learning together during the school years as well as adapting the school environment. We will be hosting a series of fun activities and we hope to see you all! Let’s get to know one another and share all the fun together!

Stay tuned with our upcoming post!

好消息!今年既Peer counsellors已經完成訓練正式為嶺南學生服務。從9月起,我地參與了有關的培訓活動包括:基礎心理輔導技巧及精神健康急救基礎課程,目的是裝備自己以支援同輩的個人成長及促進校園生活的適應。我地很快會有一連串既活動舉行,希望可以同大家互相認識,一齊玩、一齊分享、一齊休閒。記得密切留意我地既動態呀!!!



Bracelet Workshop (25 Oct 2018)

Wellness Truck (15 & 16 Oct 2018)

Basic Counselling Skill Training (15 Oct 2018)

Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course (6 & 20 Oct 2018)

VR Experiential Learning Activity (22 Sep 2018)


Our Peer Counsellors

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