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Self Help

Self-help tips for “Psychological Well-being after Critical Incidents (經歷危急事故後的心理健康)” (Hong Kong Red Cross) PDF


Academic Issues 


Have you been struggling with education challenges lately? Some common challenges university students may experience include adaptation, motivation, concentration, time management, academic performance and coping with exams. If you want to explore further or seek ideas about study skills, you could talk to your Academic Advisors or Professors, share with your classmates, attend Integrated Learning Programme and Counselling Services workshops, or arrange to meet our counsellors.

Personal Issues 


Learning about self is an ongoing process, we all experience fluctuations and changes in mood. In a university environment, throughout the time of learning and exploring, students may came across with many questions and uncertainties. Other than talking with your family and friends, it would be advisable to seek counselling for personal growth, personality and self-esteem, love and interpersonal relationship, and mental / emotional health concerns.

Career Issues


Are you facing career or work concerns? Uncertain about your career choices and employment after graduation? Challenges may appear from the process of understanding your personality, abilities and interests to identifying and implementing career choices. The Career Services Team offer various support in job searching and information workshops, you may also contact our counsellors for self-exploration and assessments.