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Professor YE Jiawen, Carmen


Assistant Professor of Teaching

B.Sc (SYSU); M.Phil (SCNU); Ph.D (CityU of HK)

Office:  WYL112, Dorothy Y L Wong Building
              Department of Psychology
              Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong    

TEL:      (852) 2616 7153

FAX:     (852) 2616 5997

e-Mail:  [email protected]

Carmen obtained her Ph.D from the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, City University of Hong Kong. Before joining the department, she worked as postdoctoral research fellow at City University of Hong Kong, and then taught in two local self-financing degree-awarding institutions.



  • Trust and culture
  • Bicultural identity and social cognition
  • Positive youth development



Jiawen Ye, Dannii Y. Yeung, Elaine S. C. Liu, & Tina L. Rochelle (in press). Sequential mediating effects of provided and received social support on trait emotional intelligence and subjective happiness: a longitudinal examination. International Journal of Psychology.

Simon C. Lam, Zoe S. L. Chan, Andy C. Y. Chong, Wendy W. C. Wong, Jiawen Ye & Heping He. (in press). Adaptation and validation of Richmond Compulsive Buying Scale in Chinese population. Journal of Behavioral Addictions.

Kam Cheong Li, Carmen Jiawen Ye, & Billy Tak-Ming Wong (in press). Status of learning analytics in Asia: Perspectives of higher education stakeholders. In Simon K. S. Cheung, Jeanne Lam, Kam Cheong Li, Oliver Au, Will W. K. Ma, & Wai Shing Ho (Ed). Technology in Education: Innovative Solutions and Practices.

Jiawen Ye* & Sik Hung Ng (2017). An intermediary enhances out-group trust and in-group profit expectation of Chinese but not Australians. International Journal of Psychology, 52(3), 189-196, doi: 10.1002/ijop.12199

Elaine S. C. Liu*, Carmen J. Ye, & Dannii Y. Yeung*. (2015). Effects of approach to learning and self-perceived overall competence on academic performance of university students. Learning and Individual Differences, 39, 199-204, doi: 10.1016/j.lindif.2015.03.004.

伍錫洪*、葉嘉雯、吳挺堅(2013)全球一體化和雙文化對研究華人心理的啟示。在葉光輝編,華人的心理與行為:全球化脈絡下的研究反思(頁79 - 106)。台北市, 台灣:中央研究院。

Sik Hung Ng*, Jiawen Ye, and Chin-Chuan Lee (2011). Media Discourse on Globalization in China: A Social-Psychological Analysis. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 30 (2), 139-157, doi: 10.1177/0261927X10397167. (Winner of SAGE the 3rd Biannual Journal of Language and Social Psychology Top Paper Award 2010-2011)


Teaching Subjects

Academic Year: 2023 - 2024:

1st Term: PSY2101 Introduction to Psychology
  PSY3102 Exploring Psychology in Western and Chinese Cultures
2nd Term: PSY2101 Introduction to Psychology
  PSY3301 Positive Psychology and Positive Living
  CLC9015 Human Relationship and Interpersonal Skills in Organisations