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Minor in Behavioural Science

As society becomes more complex and interactions among citizens multiply and take on myriad facets, the study of human behaviour has become an important science in the new century. The Minor in Behavioural Science Programme aims to provide students with a broad foundation in studying individuals, groups, organisations and societal behaviours. Students will have the opportunities to investigate their own identities, the behaviours of others, interpersonal relationships, and to gain insights into social categories and relationships. The programme is designed for students interested in the knowledge of human behaviour and types of human behaviour in complex organisations.


The Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences coordinates the offering of the Minor in Behavioural Science.


Students whose Major is in any programmes other than BSocSc (Hons) in Psychology and BSocSc (Hons) in Business Psychology may qualify for a Minor in Behavioural Science. Students are required to complete five courses (15 credits) as detailed below:


Required Course

PSY2101 Introduction to Psychology


Elective Courses (Choose any 4, at least 1 from each category)

Category A

PSY3103 Psychology of Human Performance and Technology

PSY3202 Psychology Applied to Occupational Safety and Health

PSY3301 Positive Psychology and Positive Living

PSY3332 Environmental Psychology

SSC3213 Political Psychology and Behaviour

Category B

BUS2202 Organisational Behaviour

ECO4320 Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour

HRM4351 Management of Innovation and Change

MKT3201 Consumer Behaviour (titled as Buyer Behaviour in 2020-21 or before)

SSC4333 Health, Illness and Behaviour (deleted from Term 2, 2017-18)


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