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Minor Programmes under 4-year System

In addition to a Major Programme, a student may register for one or two Minor Programme(s). The following Minor Programmes are offered:

Accounting Government and International Affairs (renamed from Political Science with effect from 2019-20 Year 1 Intake)
Animation and Digital Arts History
Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Hong Kong Studies
Behavioural Science Human Resource Management
Business Information Technology
Business Psychology International Studies
China Business Studies (Registration suspended from 2022-23) Korean Language and Culture
China’s Regional Development (Registration suspended from 2020-21) Law in Business
Chinese Studies Logistics and Decision Science
Chinese Writing Marketing
Cinema Studies Media Culture and Marketing (Registration suspended from 2019-20)
Creative Media Industries Music and Cultural Sustainability
Cultural Studies Performance Studies
Data Science Philosophy
e-Business Psychology
Economics Public Policy
English Risk and Insurance Management
Entrepreneurship Social Innovation and Social Studies
Environmental and Scientific Literacy Smart Cities
Environmental Studies Social Media Management
Finance Sociology
Financial Services Marketing (Registration suspended from 2021-22) Translation (Effective up to 2021-22 student intake)
Gender and Sexuality Studies Translation, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Corporate Communication (Effective from 2022-23 student intake)
Global Business Visual Studies

The registration for a Minor Programme should be done by the end of the add/drop period in the first term of the final year of study. Normally a Minor Programme requires students to take 15 credits of courses. 

A student may use the credits assigned for free electives in the curriculum of his/her registered programme of studies to take courses leading to a Minor Programme. Double counting of course credits by using free electives leading to fulfillment of requirements for a Minor programme is allowed. From the 2020-21 academic year, the number of courses to be double counted between Core Curriculum Cluster courses and each Minor is limited to two.

While courses in a Minor Programme can be granted credit transfer/course exemption and recognised for fulfillment of curriculum requirements of the Minor Programme, normally a student may not be granted credit transfer/course exemption for more than 50% of the required number of credits for the Minor Programme.

A student who, upon graduation, has successfully fulfilled the requirements specified in the curriculum of the Minor Programme(s) for which he/she has registered will have the title of his/her Minor Programme(s) indicated in his/her transcripts.