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Course Descriptions (4-year System)

The descriptions of courses and information on their prerequisites/restriction are set out below. As stipulated in the Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies, a student must take his/her own responsibility in ensuring that the requirements concerning course prerequisites, co-requisites and exclusion/restriction are met unless such are waived at the discretion of the Programme Director/Head of the Academic Unit concerned under exceptional circumstances. The student alone will be responsible for any consequences if he/she chooses to take a course contravening the requirements without special approval.

According to the Policy on Language of Instruction, apart from language courses and courses in the Chinese (CHI-coded) and Translation (TRA-coded) Departments, all courses are taught in English except otherwise specified. When Chinese is used, it will be specified in the class schedules published for each term whether it is taught in Cantonese or Putonghua.


Courses for 4-year Undergraduate Programmes




Letter CodeSubject Area Letter CodeSubject Area
ACTAccounting HSTHistory
ADAAnimation and Digital Arts ISMInformation Systems
ARSArts JAPJapanese
BUSGeneral Business KORKorean
CCCCommon Core LCCLanguage and Communication - Chinese
CDSComputing and Decision Sciences LCELanguage and Communication - English
CHIChinese LUELingnan University English
CLACreativity and Innovation MGTManagement
CLBHumanities and the Arts MKTMarketing
CLCManagement and Society MPAMusic and Performing Arts
CLDScience, Technology, Mathematics and Society PHIPhilosophy
CLEValues, Cultures and Societies PMSPublic Management and Smart Governance
CMICreative Media Industries POLPolitical Science
CRECreativity PSYPsychology
CUSCultural Studies RIMRisk and Insurance Management
ECOEconomics RUSRussian
ENGEnglish SCESports Coaching and Event Management
FINFinance SCIScience
FREFrench SLPService Learning Programmes
FVAFilm and Visual Arts SOCSociology
GDSGlobal Development and Sustainability SPASpanish
GERGerman SSCSocial Sciences
GLAGlobal Liberal Arts TRATranslation
GOVGovernment and International Affairs VISVisual Studies
HRMHuman Resource Management MGSLService Leadership
HSMHealth and Social Services Management