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Due to the latest situation of COVID-19, the postal services provided by the Hongkong Post to certain destinations are suspended/subject to delay. For details, please refer to


1. Transcripts will NOT be issued to the following persons:
  (a) Students who have unpaid accounts/obligations due to the University/have unofficially withdrawn from the University.
  (b) Students who have not completed a Term of studies at the University.
  (c) Auditing students.
2. Academic award(s) and disciplinary action(s) taken against a student may be entered into the transcript.
3. Students are advised NOT to apply for transcripts during the periods where academic records are subject to confirmation/change (e.g. before assessment results release).
  (a) For the academic results release dates of Current Term of Undergraduate (UG) programmes, please refer to
  (b) For the academic results release dates of taught postgraduate (TPg) programmes, please consult the respective programmes offices. The contact details of the TPg programme offices are available here.
4. For students/graduates of undergraduate (UG) programmes only: Non-academic awards/scholarships and student activities of undergraduate programmes will be recorded in the Certificate of Awards and Participation (CAP), which is issued by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). For application, please contact OSA direct (Not applicable to graduates of 2002 and before).
5. Only hard copy of the academic transcript will be issued by the Registry.


6. Applications for Transcript can be made by Online Application. Online application for transcript is only applicable to the following types of applicants:
  • current students of undergraduate (UG) and taught postgraduate (TPg) programmes
  • current exchange students of undergraduate (UG) programmes
  • graduates of Year 2003 or after of Full-time undergraduate (UG) programmes and research postgraduate (RPg) programmes
  • graduates of Year 2014 or after of taught postgraduate (TPg) programmes
7. Applications by paper application form can be submitted by one of the following means:
  (a) In person at the Registry counter at G/F, Wong Administration Building of Lingnan University.
    - Payment can be made by Cash or Cheque payable to “Lingnan University”
  (b) by post to “Registry, G/F, Wong Administration Building, Lingnan University, 8 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong”
    - Please indicate clearly on the envelop “Application for Transcript”
    - Payment has to be made by Cheque payable to “Lingnan University” (for non-local applicants, payment can be made in bank draft)
    - Please include all required documents and the cheque payment/bank draft in one single envelop to be sent by post
  (c) by email to
    - Please attach the duly completed application form and all required documents in one go in the email
    - Please specify the email subject as “Application for Transcript (your name)”
    - Credit Card (Visa/Master Card) payment is accepted; or
    - Cheque payment made payable to “Lingnan University” by post separately is also accepted
    Note: For application by email, an acknowledgement email will be sent to your applying email address normally within 5 working days upon receipt of your email application.
8. A duly signed application form is required (signature is required on page 2). Application form without the applicant’s proper signature will be regarded as incomplete and the application cannot be processed.
9. For applications by post/email, a copy of the applicant’s HKID card/Passport (for graduates / former students) / LU Card (for current students) must be provided along with the duly completed application form for verification purpose. For applications made in person at the Registry counter, applicants should present his/her HKID card/Passport (for graduates or former students) / LU Card (for current students) for verification of identity.
10. Please note that the fees paid are non-refundable.
11. To avoid unnecessary delay, applicants are advised to send to the Registry, together with the completed application form, a cheque/bank draft which shall be made payable to “Lingnan University” to settle the required fees. Please note that overseas personal cheques and postal orders are NOT accepted.
12. All application documents received will be destroyed 1 year after the date of application.


13. (a) Official Copy
    An official copy of transcript is NOT issued to a student as a personal copy or to any private individual. It will be sent sealed direct to the institution requesting the transcript (for the purpose of admission to another institution / prospective employment).
  (b) Student's Copy
    student’s copy of transcript is issued to student as a personal copy. It contains the same information as an official copy of transcript.


14. The Registry accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of the documents during postal delivery, or in confirming with the recipient(s) on the transcript receipt status.
15. Applicants should provide FULL and correct address(es) clearly in the application to avoid postal error.
  Your application will be processed only upon receipt of complete information and payment. Late payment/incomplete information/insufficient document(s) will delay the application process. Under normal circumstances, processing of each complete application takes 7 working days (excluding the date of application). Applications will be processed in the order of receipt. Urgent requests may not be entertained. Please also note that applications made near the exam results release day may require longer processing time due to grade processing.