Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)

Welcome to the homepage of Lingnan's Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Programme. Here, you will find information about our Majors, programme learning outcomes, programme structure, course offerings, and scholarships/awards. You will also learn what it is like to study on our Programme through our students’ voices and general information about studying at Lingnan University. If you are a current student in our Programme, you will find, amongst others, important links to Lingnan University’s regulations, forms for Registry Office, and academic advising.



We offer a unique place for teaching and learning in Hong Kong.

  • The Faculty of Social Sciences, with its four constituent departments (Psychology, Economics, Government and International Affairs, Sociology and Social Policy), offers a close student-teacher relationship and a diversity of interdisciplinary courses for selection. The BSocSc (Honours) Programme equips students with critical and analytical thinking, which enables them to enjoy a competitive advantage in the job market.


  • As an integral part of Lingnan’s mission to be an internationally recognized liberal arts university, the BSocSc (Honours) Programme provides students with a broad and coherent intellectual base for understanding human behaviour and contemporary economic, government and international affairs, psychological and social issues, especially those related to public and social policies, global affairs, as well as health and social services.


  • The BSocSc (Honours) Programme offers an international study experience to over 80% of students. Through various applied courses and service-learning, students have first-hand opportunities to experience the integration of the theories and practice the BSocSc (Honours) Programme offers. Our graduates enjoy articulation opportunities for further study of the MSc Programmes at Lingnan University.

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