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Will the BSocSc (Hons) Programme arrange interview for JUPAS and/or NON-JUPAS applicants?

In the past few years, the BSocSc (Hons) Programme did not invite JUPAS students for interviews, but the Programme will shortlist JUPAS applicants under the JUPAS Sub-System Schemes* to attend interview(s). For Non-JUPAS (Direct Admission) Scheme, potential students will be invited for interview(s). Group interview will be conducted in English.
*Principal's Nomination Scheme and Students with Disabilities Scheme.


How can I apply for the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Programme?

Please click here to get more details of admission matters.

What kinds of job can I find after graduation?

The knowledge, skills and values you develop on the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Programme prepare you for careers in industries directly-related to your chosen Major. These include jobs in commerce and industry, including in the retail, wholesale, import/export and business services sectors. Employment opportunities open to our students include, for example, in public relations (PR), market research, marketing communications, sales support, human resources (HR), employee communication, and administrative support. Some also go into teaching or other roles in education in community colleges, secondary and primary schools, special needs schools. An increasing number of graduates pursue further studies, including master's degree and postgraduate diploma programmes at local universities, while an increasing number has also gone on to study abroad.

What is the JUPAS admission score of the BSocSc (Hons) Programme?

The admission scores of the BSocSc (Hons) Programme are provided here.

Are there any Exchange and Internship Opportunities under the BSocSc (Hons) Programme?

Students have ample opportunities to study abroad. Over 80% of students study abroad or in Mainland China for one academic term, or participate in summer/winter programmes. In recent years, Social Sciences students have been assigned to internships with government bureaus, law firms, health and welfare organizations, and within the private sector. Some students have been selected for various leadership programmes, offering a mix of classroom and field experience. Others have joined thematic tours to explore issues of trade, education, politics and culture.




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