Subsite Background

Major of Sociology

Programme Overview


Sociology means the “science of society”. It aims to study human behaviours in different social settings, by using a variety of scientific methods to understand how the social institutions and social relationships affect the way we think, act and feel.



Sociology students are not passive learners; rather they have a practical mindset. They want to know how social inequalities and poverty can be overcome, and propose feasible solutions to these and other social problems.


Another key concern of sociology is to build an inclusive society for all citizens, in which disadvantaged and marginal groups such as ethnic minorities can have the same opportunities to follow their dreams.


Sociology students are interested to study how social institutions such as the family, education, economy, government and non-profit organizations operate. They want to figure out how various social groups can cooperate with each other to bring about positive social change, such as promoting the well-being of the elderly, women, workers, and other people in need.

Programme Objectives


  • Dedicated to the understanding of the fundamental principles of social life and to the systematic study of social institutions and social transformations.
  • Enables students to answer the “what”, “how” and “why” questions about human societies, past and present.
  • Graduates will have a broad array of postgraduate opportunities and will be equipped to pursue employment opportunities in government, NGOs and the private sector.