Subsite Background

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
Terms of Reference
  • To design and oversee the implementation of over-arching policies, guidelines, and practices on Equal Opportunities in Lingnan;
  • To review and make recommendations on the mechanism and procedures for handling complaints and enquiries on discrimination/harassment;
  • To ensure the above information is clearly laid out for easy access;
  • To enhance and promote awareness among staff and students on equal opportunities issues;
  • To encourage good practice on the enhancement of equal opportunities in areas such as setting up personnel, education facilities and resources provision and community engagement.


Membership Composition (total 11)

  • 3 staff members from at least 2 faculties
  • 2 staff members from Administrative Units
    (Human Resources Office, Office of Campus Development and Management)
  • 1 staff from Lingnan Institute of Further Education
  • 1 staff from Office of Student Affairs
  • 1 Warden
  • 2 student members* (1 from Students’ Union, 1 from Student Hostel Associations)

   (*Student members should be full-time students in Lingnan University)

  • Ex-officio member: Director of Administration


- The Chair will be appointed by the President

- Members will be nominated by relevant Units and Bodies

- Terms of Office of members: 2 years (1 year for Student members)


wef 19/5/2023