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Programme Schedule: Equal Opportunities Awareness Campaign 2022

Equal Opportunities Awareness Campaign 2022
Equal Opportunities Awareness Campaign 2022

Equal Opportunities Awareness Campaign 2022

Theme: Diversity Through Care

Date: 22 Sep – 19 Oct 2022


Activity & Registration

22/9/2022 (Thu)  12:30-13:30

Kick Off Ceremony

CRN 8639

Kin Sun Square (Skylight), English & Cantonese

ILP : 1 unit (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


The Equal Opportunities Awareness Campaign Opening Ceremony will feature a series of activities ranging from different cultures. There will be performance and stories sharing from people with SEN from the community. There will be some game booths, exhibition booths, and showcase of the photography of issues concerning equal opportunities.

22/9/2022 (Thu)  14:00 - 16:00

Embracing Diverse Ethnicities - African Drum & Dance Workshop

CRN 8939

LYH110, English

ILP: 2 units (Aesthetic Development)


In this workshop, there will be sharing about African culture, demonstration on African drum and dance. It will be a fun time to learn about new culture, and meet people with different culture and listen to their stories in our community.

22/9/2022 (Thu)  14:00-17:00

Link Sound Sinfonia: Introduction to Music Technology and SEN/D

CRN 8940

Sin Cho Ming Hall, English

ILP : 3 units (Aesthetic Development)


Dr. Enrico Bertelli, a researcher and a musician specialised in music technology and SEN/D, will share how music technology, like MakeyMakey and Oddball, facilitates people with SEN/D to learn music and how tutors can use those gadgets for teaching.

22/9/2022 (Thu)  14:30 - 15:30

SEN Career service - Selective Placement Division of Labour Department

CRN 8645

LKK201, Cantonese

ILP: 1 unit (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


The speaker of this talk will give a detailed introduction to the services that are available from the Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department. Special job-hunting skills which are specific to job seekers with disabilities will also be delineated.

23/9/2022 (Fri)  15:00-17:00

Accessible Lingnan - Wheelchair Boccia Experience Workshop

CRN 8731

LYH110, Cantonese

ILP : 2 units (Physical Fitness and Well-being)


This workshop will give you hands-on experience as a physically disabled to know more about their needs. There will also be guest speakers sharing on how to build an inclusive community by enhancing understanding, changing mindsets and taking actions.

26/9/2022 (Mon)  15:00-17:00

Anti480 Forum Theatre "Protected Bully" cum Screening: "Are you watching me?" Imaged-based sexual violence prevention 

CRN 8644

Black Box Theatre (LBY203), Cantonese

ILP : 2 units (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


The speaker will make use of drama performance, videos, cases discussion, role-play and cases sharing to highlight "Image-based Sexual Violence" and advise the participants how to avoid and respond to "Imaged-based Sexual Violence".

27/9/2022 (Tue)  14:30-16:00

More than a "Joke" - the Story of the Ethnic Minorities Comedian

CRN 8642

LCH115, Cantonese

ILP : 1.5 units (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


This workshop will invite an ethnic minorities comedian who was born and raised in Hong Kong to share his story and views on the prospects of realizing cultural and racial diversity in Hong Kong, in his stand-up comedy.

27/9/2022 (Tue)  15:00-16:00

Living a busy life with GRACE

CRN 8909

LYH319, Cantonese

ILP: 1 unit (Social and Emotional Well-being)


The G.R.A.C.E. model has been developed to increase our capacity for compassion. Research studies suggest that compassion plays a significant role in reducing physiological stress and promoting physical and emotional well-being. Students will have the chance to experience the model and learn how to apply it in meeting the challenges in University life.

29/9/2022, 6/10/2022, 13/10/2022 (Thu) 10:30-12:30

Relationship reboot

CRN 8917

LYH320, Cantonese

ILP : 6 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Relationship insecurity may increase our stress level and affect how you interpret your feelings and emotions. During this workshop, we may discuss the reasons to cause relationship anxiety and ways to cope with it.

29/9/2022 (Thu)  14:30-16:00

The Silent World - Sign Language Experience Workshop

CRN 8641

LYH320, Cantonese/ Sign language

ILP: 1.5 units (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


This workshop will talk about basic sign language in Hong Kong. There will also be guest speakers sharing on how to build an inclusive community by enhancing understanding, changing mindsets and taking actions.

29/9/2022 (Thu)  14:30-16:00

Prevention of Sexual Harassment on Campus/ In Hostel

CRN 8640

Zoom, Cantonese

ILP: 1.5 units (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


Speaker will walk through the definition of sexual harassment, unlawful acts which will be seen as sexual harassment, sexual harassment liabilities and defence, as well as latest research findings of sexual harassment among university students in Hong Kong. Being equipped with some basic knowledge, students will be further taught skills on how to prevent sexual harassment in the hostel and on campus..

30/9/2022 (Fri) 14:00-16:30; 7/10/2022 (Fri) 14:30-16:30; 14/10/2022 (Fri) 14:30-16:00

Comedy Wellbeing Project

CRN 8856

LYH320, Cantonese

ILP : 6 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


During the programme, we will discuss the health benefits of laughter. Practicing comedy together can reduce your stress level and improve your social relationships. You may also exchange your volunteer experiences with other youth volunteers in the community.

3/10/2022 (Mon)  14:30-16:00

Yoga x Mindfulness Workshop

CRN 8885

LYH320, Cantonese

ILP: 1.5 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Mindful yoga applies mindfulness teachings to the physical practice of yoga, as a way to strengthen awareness and presence both on and off the yoga mat. It helps people to relax and cool the body and calm the mind.

3/10/2022 (Mon)  15:30-17:30

Seminar: “On the Record: An instrumental Hong Kong Music Documentary" Screening & Sharing of the Untold Stories of Filipino Musicians' Settlement in Hong Kong

CRN 8949

Activity Room, 1/F, Library, English

ILP: 2 units (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


"On the Record: An instrumental Hong Kong music documentary", which journeys into the untold, centuries-old stories of Filipino musicians' settlement in Hong Kong. The documentary won Best Script at the 2019 Lente Festival in Quezon City, Philippines. There will be a seminar sharing on speakers' view on the topic of ethnic minorities.

5/10/2022 (Wed)  14:30-16:30

Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) Seminar : “Preventing Unlawful Harassment on Campus”


Zoom, English (The seminar will be conducted in Cantonese if all the participants are Cantonese speakers.)

For Staff Only

(Deadline: 22 Sep 2022)


In order to enhance colleagues’ understanding of the key concepts in the anti-discrimination laws I n Hong Kong, an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) Seminar will be conducted. All colleagues are cordially invited to attend the seminar, and newly joined staff members are strongly encouraged to attend the seminar.

5/10/2022 (Wed)  15:00-16:30

Know about Aromatherapy: A self-healing journey

CRN 8887

Black Box Theatre (LBY203), Cantonese

ILP: 1.5 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


The workshop will invite aromatherapist to bring a hands-on experience and advices for using essential oils for relaxation, as an alternative to handle stress and pressure in daily life.

6/10/2022 (Thu)  14:30-16:00

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiential Program for Understanding Mental Illness

CRN 8643

Black Box Theatre (LBY203), Cantonese

ILP: 1.5 units (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


Through 360-degree panoramic vision and a simulated environment, participants can experience symptoms of mental illness suffered by PIR, such as ‘Delusion’ and ‘Auditory Hallucination’, which helps them better understand the feeling of PIR and raise awareness towards mental health.

6/10/2022 (Thu)  15:00-16:00

Mindfulness Series

CRN 8881

LYH320, English

ILP: 1 unit (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Students will learn the scientific underpinning of mindfulness, practice mindfulness with fellow students and learn about the application in handling adjustment.

7/10/2022 (Fri)  10:30-11:30

Being a friend with your emotion

CRN 8880

Zoom, Putonghua

ILP: 1 unit (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Learning to manage emotions is a lifelong task. A good emotional state can bring us positive behavioural performance and communication results. Let‘s be friends with emotions.

7/10/2022 (Fri)  15:30-17:30

Cultivating Wellbeing: Horticulture Therapy Handcraft Workshop

CRN 8935

LCH UG11, Cantonese

ILP: 2 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Horticulture contributes significantly to human well-being and mental health, by providing an opportunity to get in close contact with plants, promote the development of personal thoughts and emotions, and live in harmony with the environment. Experience the natural healing powers through your five senses. Unleash your creativity by making aroma stones and painting with plants.

7/10/2022 (Fri)  18:00-19:30

Yoga X Mindfulness Workshop


LYH320, Cantonese

For Staff Only

(Deadline: 27 Sep 2022)


This programme aims at promoting mindfulness as a relaxation option to face their own negative emotions and the feelings of loneliness. Yoga would be the means for participants to experience mindfulness.

7-8/10/2022 (Fri-Sat)  10:00-16:00

Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course

CRN 8936

zoom, Putonghua

ILP: 12 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


The Mental Health First Aid Course is a 14-hour course designed for students to understand and address mental health problems, and crises specific to adolescents. The training will be conducted by The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong.

10/10/2022 (Mon)  10:30-12:30

Self-care practices for wellness

CRN 8921

LYH319, Cantonese

ILP: 2 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


WRAP® focused on training participants to develop their own ‘Wellness Toolbox’ in order to cope with life changes, to maintain positive thinking, and to stay as healthy as possible. The study revealed that participants had gained significant improvement in symptom reduction, hopefulness, positive thinking and self-confidence after learning WRAP®.

10/10/2022 (Mon)  15:00-16:00

Overcoming anxiety

CRN 8867

Zoom, Cantonese

ILP: 1 unit (Social and Emotional Well-being)


During the workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of fear and anxiety and how to manage them effective on your own.  

11/10/2022 (Tue)  14:30-16:00

Zentangle Drawing and Mindfulness Workshop

CRN 8915

LYH319, Cantonese

ILP: 1.5 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Zentangle is a meditative art form. Unplanned patterns unfold your creativity and flexibility. Just concentrate your doodling without distractions, without interruptions, without demands from the outside world. You are the cornerstone of your tribe to design your own unique patterns.

11/10/2022 (Tue)  15:00-16:00

Talk: Tips to overcome self-doubt

CRN 8918

Zoom, Cantonese

ILP: 1 unit (Social and Emotional Well-being)


The talk will discuss some tips on overcoming self-doubt issues and the practical ways to improve your confidence.

12/10/2022 (Wed)  12:00-13:00

Empowering Persons with Intellectual Disability Through Sport: Sharing from Special Olympics Hong Kong

CRN 8714

LBYG01, Cantonese

ILP: 1 unit (Physical Fitness and Well-being)


Persons with intellectual disability (ID) learn slowly but their sports performance would definitely surprise you! The talk will provide you with general information about persons with ID and the sports they do locally and internationally.

12/10/2022 (Wed)  14:30-16:30

Meet with Talented Artists - Leather Class

CRN 8877

LYH317, Cantonese

ILP: 2 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Students will gain an understanding of intellectually disabled individuals as well as communication skills in this workshop. Students will complete a leather art piece under the guidance of the talented artist. 

12/10/2022 (Wed)  15:00-16:30

Online peer to peer support

CRN 8919

LYH320, Cantonese

ILP: 1.5 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


During this workshop, we will discuss effective peer counseling techniques so you can better support your friends in an online setting.

12/10/2022 (Wed)  15:30-17:00

Money and Mental Health

CRN 8941

Zoom, Cantonese

ILP: 1.5 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


Stress about money can exacerbate existing mental health conditions. But it can also contribute to developing other mental health conditions, from your mood to your emotional health. Taking control of your money before it controls you can be the biggest step to take in improving your financial situation and in turn ease your money worries.

13/10/2022 (Thu)  15:30-17:30

Communications Skills for Emotional Support

CRN 8933

LYH319, Cantonese

ILP: 2 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


In the workshop, participants will have better understanding about the Do’s and Don’ts during emotional support, and develop effective listening and communication skills

14/10/2022 (Fri)  10:00-12:30

Suicide Risk Assessment and Handling


Zoom, Cantonese

For Staff Only

(Deadline: 5 Oct 2022)


A specialist in psychiatry, Dr. CHUI Wing-ho, William will be invited as speaker to talk about how to identify and assess suicide risk and how to handle the situation.

14/10/2022 (Fri)  15:30-18:30

Alcohol First Aid Training

CRN 8920

LYH319, Cantonese

ILP: 3 units (Social and Emotional Well-being)


The Alcohol First Aid Training aims to equip participants with knowledge and skills to recognise alcohol misuse, understand its impacts, and identify the support services and treatments available.

18/10/2022 (Tue)  14:30-16:30

Nagomi Pastel Art with ASD

CRN 8652

LYH317, Cantonese

ILP: 2 units (Civic Education and Leadership Development)


In this workshop, young people with ASD, members of Heep Hong Society, will be invited to practice and experience the healing moment with participants.


Booths and Exhibition

22-23/9/2022; 10-12/10/2022; 17-19/10/2022


Promotion Booths

@Kin Sun Square (Skylight)


Come visit our promotion booths!

Organisations including:

  • Anti480
  • Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service Re:Fresh Online Platform
  • Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service For Young People - Tuen Mun
  • Chinese YMCA of HK Hin Keng Centre
  • Direction Association For The Handicapped
  • Equal Opportunities Commission (Ethnic Minorities Unit)
  • Heep Hong Society STAR Light Centre
  • Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association
  • Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council
  • Labour Department (Promotion of SPD services to SEN students)
  • LU Jockey Club Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing Project, etc.
  • Red Cross (blood donation truck)
  • St. James’ Settlement (3C Project)
  • Suicide Prevention Services
  • The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
  • New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (MVP services)

For the activities with CRN code, please follow instruction in below link to register: