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Connected with nature and greenery, Lingnan University is a great place for cultural exchange and intellectual development. With the cultural and educational activities held at the Wing On Plaza, Kin Sun Square, Contemporary Garden, and Yu Kan Hing Memorial Garden and Pavilion, staff, students and members of the local community can enjoy the environment of learning and exploration.

Wing On Plaza 永安廣場

Situated at the centre of Lingnan University, Wing On Plaza is an iconic gem among local community. You can enjoy beautiful sunshine under lychee trees and many other luxuriant plants. Occasionally you may be surprised by the various University-wide activities held here, music or dance performances, festive markets, sports demonstrations, and many more. Years of wonderful memories built on this spacious plaza.

Wing On Plaza
Wing On Plaza

Kin Sun Square 乾新坊

With the penetration of sunshine under the skylight, many student activities, such as flea markets, music concerts, performances and exhibitions, are held at Kin Sun Square where you can feel the energy of our University throughout the year.

Kin Sun Square
Kin Sun Square

Contemporary Garden 西式花園

The Contemporary Garden is a wonderful place for the enjoyment of natural music and a peace of mind. Apart from lush greenery, there are two impressive statues erected in the garden.

Walking in the Garden, your sight naturally falls onto the centrepiece – the bronze-colored statue named “Effort” (“Esfuerzo” in Spanish) by renowned Mexican sculptor Mr. José Sacal. The sculpture, donated by Mr. Sacal himself, symbolizes man’s struggle to improve or better himself through education, reminding us of our University's commitment to nurture students through the best education.

Next to the Pavilion After the Rain in the Contemporary Garden, Dr. Sun Yat-sen bronze statue commands a central location that faces the major pedestrian walkway. It shows Dr. Sun holding a book inscribed with the “Three People’s Principles”, i.e. “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people”. The four Chinese characters “Tian Xia Wei Gong” (meaning “the world is for everyone”) on the base of the statue illustrate Dr Sun’s vision of an ideal world.

All are welcome to relish these beautiful art pieces.

Contemporary Garden
Dr. Sun Yat-sen bronze statue

Yu Kan Hing Memorial Garden & Pavilion 余近卿紀念園及紀念亭

Located on the opposite sides of the Contemporary Garden, there is the Yu Kan Hing Memorial Garden & Pavilion, which are often found calming and peaceful. Listening to birds' tweets, you may find cats lounging around the pond with you. The Memorial Garden offers a quiet corner for all to rejuvenate after an engaging fruitful day.

Yu Kan Hing Memorial Garden
Yu Kan Hing Memorial Garden