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Previous Lingnan Language Enhancement Initiative (L²EI) Programmes



Under L²EI, various programmes and activities have been offered by the Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre (CLEAC), the Centre for English and Additional Languages (CEAL), the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the Warden Offices (WOs) to create opportunities for multi-lingual and multi-cultural learning experiences for students.  Highlighted below some of the L²EI provisions organized or co-organized by OSA.


Buddy Scheme@L²EI : Let's Play a Game on 25 Mar 2024

4 language instructors/ VETs from CEAL & CLEAC and around 30 students enjoyed the sharing of popular games in different countries and cultures in English, French, Putonghua & Russian, who also proactively interacted with each other for cultural exchange and language enhancement.   ILP evaluation high at 4.7/5.0.


Buddy Scheme@L²EI : Healthy Me, Healthy Planet

Through this face-to-face L²EI activity, around 20 local and non-local students experienced hands on preparation and quick tasting of the Kimchi made on their own.  Some students revealed that “the activity was fun”, “gained a lot of useful experience, which can be used not only in study but also in life. It will also be helpful to my future career”. 





Buddy Scheme@L²EI: Je t’aime 2024 on 26 Feb 2024

4 language instructors/ VETs from CEAL & CLEAC interacted with 23 students actively in English, French, Putonghua & Russian and helped students enrich their vocabulary and presentation skills on how to express love or care to their family / friends / lovers  in different languages for both language enhancement and cultural exchange.


Buddy Scheme@L²EI: L²EI Music Station on 13 Nov 2023

4 language instructors/ VETs from CEAL & CLEAC share their favorite music with students in English, French, Russian & Putonghua.  Students actively share their favorite music to their fellow students and learn from others in their preferred foreign language.

Buddy Scheme@L²EI: Follow, Comment, Like & Share on 16 Oct 2023

This cooperated attempt with the CEAL and the CLEAC managed to bring around 25 students and 4 language instructors/VETs of both Centres for multi-lingual (English, French, Putonghua & Spanish) and multi-cultural exchanges on sharing their favorites and learn from others for different interesting channels on social media. 


Buddy Scheme@L²EI: Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop on 28 Nov 2022

Students are invited to join the Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop so as to take a break from their heavy academic workload before Final Examination. Through this workshop, students will be able to enjoy the atmosphere distinct from the fast pace of everyday life !



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