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Under L²EI, various programmes and activities have been offered by the Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre (CLEAC), the Centre for English and Additional Languages (CEAL), the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the Warden Offices (WOs) to create opportunities for multi-lingual and multi-cultural learning experiences for students.  Highlighted below some of the L²EI provisions organized or co-organized by OSA.


Lingnan Stargazer 嶺南觀星人 on 21 April 2021

Through this face-to-face L²EI activity, 20 local and non-local students acquired the stargazing manner, the different interpretation of constellations in ancient Western and Chinese contexts, and the myths behind.  In addition, they also learnt how to use the binoculars and the telescope themselves to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the universe on campus; and they took the face-to-face opportunity to connect other students by sharing their amazing "Moon", under the guidance of the instructor. The activity was “interesting”, “very impressive” and well organized despite social distancing with ILP evaluation high at 4.8/5.0.

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Buddy Scheme@L²EI: Yummy Yummy on 19 April 2021

Dr. GARRALDA ORTEGA Angel and 2 VETs of CEAL and Dr ZHANG Pai-yu of CLEAC interacted with 26 students actively in the breakout rooms on zoom in English/ German / Spanish/ Putonghua & Cantonese and helped students enrich their vocabulary and presentation skills about the appreciation of food culture and cooking of different countries for both language enhancement and cultural exchange.

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Buddy Scheme@L²EI: I Can U Can Talk 出個未來 on 22 March 2021

3 Linganians Ann SZE (Year 3 Visual Studies), Max WONG (Year 4 Cultural Studies) and Karie CHAN (2020 graduate of Social Sciences) shared how they successfully organized or co-organized with Department(s) their interested cultural activities with the support of the MMCF sponsorship in order to acquire the organization and project management skills and enhance their personal profile for further development.

I Can U can(Click to enlarge)

Buddy Scheme@L²EI: How to Cheer Up Ourselves During the Adversity on 22 Feb 2021

The provision began with a singing and piano performance by Mr. Elton NG, Assistant Counsellor, before the participants shared their creative ideas on the theme “ How to Cheer Up Ourselves During the Adversity” via the English, German or Spanish language corners.
adversity(Click to enlarge)
Buddy Scheme@L²EI: What’s Next after “Hello Buddies” on 24 Nov 2020

Dr. GARRALDA ORTEGA Angel and VETs of the CEAL taught students how to ice-break and introduce themselves to impress others in English/ Russian / Spanish in the chat rooms.  Students actively exchanged in their preferred foreign language on zoom.

What's next

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Buddy Scheme@L²EI: Hello Buddies – Nice to Meet You on Zoom” on 2 Nov 2020

This cooperated attempt with the CEAL and the CLEAC managed to bring over 90 students and 12 language instructors/VETs of both Centres for multi-lingual (English/ Korean/ Spanish/ German/ Russian/ Putonghua/ Cantonese) and multi-cultural exchanges on Zoom under 1 session.


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L²EI Programmes and Activities 



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