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Tips for Avoiding Scammers

Tips for Avoiding Scammers
Tips for Avoiding Scammers

3 Principles to Avoid Deception

Be cautious of disclosing personal information

  • Scammers may try to trick you into disclosing your personal information (such as your ID card number, bank account number, and password).This can lead you to financial losses or legal liabilities.

Beware of small rewards and big risks scammers

  • Scammers may lure you with small rewards to lower your guard, and then ask you to follow their instructions (such as downloading specific mobile apps). Their ultimate goal is to cheat you out of your money.

Stay calm and don’t panic

  • Scammers will also take advantage of your fears by impersonating law enforcement officers, government officials, or bank staff. They will claim that you have encountered legal or financial issues causing you to panic and then ask you to provide them with sensitive information or money to "clear suspicion”. If you encounter such a situation, please remain calm and carefully verify their identity with the relevant organisation or bank. Do not disclose your personal data or make any bank transfers. Call the Police if you are in doubt.


Types of Common Topical Scams in Hong Kong

  1. Telephone Deception

  2. Cyber Romance Scam

  3. Online Shopping Scam


phone scam


Scam Prevention Tips

  • Avoid answering calls from unknown sources, such as those start with “+852”.
  • Never disclose your personal data to strangers, e.g. your name, HKID number, passport number, bank account number, online banking accounts and passwords.
  • Do not click on any suspicious links. Do not input your personal data on websites or mobile applications that you do not trust.
  • Hang up immediately if you suspect to have a telephone deception. If the callers claim to be law enforcement officers or government staff and request your personal information, contact the relevant offices to verify their identity.


Beware: The government and law enforcement officers will never make pre-recorded voice calls to the public, nor require the general public to provide online banking accounts and passwords or transfer money to prove innocence.


Phone Scam Busted (with English subtitles)

Romance scam


Scam Prevention Tips

  • Use the search engine to search for photos on the counterpart’s social accounts.
  • Check if the counterpart’s friend’s circle has any abnormal activities.
  • If you are unsure about counterpart’s identity, try to ask him/her for a video chat.
  • Do not download apps from unknown sources. Beware of investment plans with unrealistic returns
  • Do not respond to any unreasonable or immoral requests (e.g. nude chat)


Cyber Romance Scam Busted (with English subtitles)


shopping scam


Scam Prevention Tips

  • Patronise reputable online sellers, trade face to face whenever possible. Purchase tickets and shopping coupons through official sources.
  • When selling goods, do not just rely on deposit slips alone as proof of payment. You should also verify the whole payment process.
  • Before payment, you should search the phone number, bank account number, page name, etc. provided by the seller, and look out for any negative comments
  • If you have any doubts, terminate the transaction immediately.


Online Shopping Scam Busted (with English subtitles)


anti scam information


Useful Information

  • If in doubt, input counterpart’s phone numbers, social media account names, etc. in the app “Scameter” to assess risk. You may also call “Anti-Scam Helpline” at 18222 (24 hours) for consultation (operated by the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre under the Commercial Crime Bureau of Hong Kong Police Force).
  • For emergencies, please call 999 to seek immediate help.


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