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University Sports & Cultural Teams

To help students develop their potentials and talents in sports, 19 kinds with 39 sports teams are formed to take part in different kinds of inter-collegiate sports competitions, particularly competitions organized by the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China (USFHK). Through regular team training, team members can develop their sports skills, sense of belonging and cohesion. As the representatives of Lingnan University, team members are required to be sportsmanlike sportsmen and committed to the involvement in community services.

University Teams Recruitment 2023-2024

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Application period: 2 Aug - 7 Sep 2023

Team Selection Schedule

Social Media Platforms of Teams

Teams InstagramInstagram FacebookFacebook
Badminton @lingu_badminton  
Men's Basketball @lingnanmbb  
Women's Basketball  
Fencing @lingnanfencing @lingnanfencing
Handball @lingnan_handball  
Judo @lingu_judoteam  
Karate @lingu_karate  
Rowing @lingu_rowing @LURowingTeam
Men's Soccer @lingu_soccerteam  
Women's Soccer @lingu_womensoccer  
Sqaush @lingnansquash  
Swimming @lingu_swimming  
Table Tennis @lu_tabletennis  
Taekwondo @lingutkd  
Tennis @lingu_tennis  
Track & Field @lingnan_track_n_field  
Volleyball @lingnan.volleyballteam  
Woodball @luwoodball @lingnanwoodball
Chinese Debate @lu_ChineseDebate  
Putonghua Debate @lu_PutonghuaDebate photo  
Lion Dance & Martial Arts Team @lingnanu_liondance  


For Enquiries: please contact Ms. Kit Hsiao at 2616 8646 / email:

(updated August 2023)