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Overseas Internship Programmes
* All overseas internship programmes for 2021 summer is at a pause until further notice. 
In the competitive state of today’s job market, having global work experience could be an advantage for students' prospective careers. 
International internships can be incredibly worthwhile for those who wish to seek success in our globalizing world of today. While the experience will challenge one's adaptability, the payoff is that you will be able to manage intercultural communication, establish a global network of peers and professionals, develop cultural sensitivity, and new range of skills that are transferrable and useful in the workplace. 
All full-time UGC-funded undergraduate students are welcome to apply for the overseas internship programmes coordinated by OSA. University subsidies would be provided to eligible participants of the following overseas internship programmes (except Operation Zhang Qian - Undergradaute Summer Internship Programme). Please refer to the summary and programme webpages below for more details about the application timeline and subsidies of each programme.

Reminder to Students:
1) With an increasing number of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) as the epidemic continues to spread, please consider your summer plan carefully before making overseas summer internship application.

2) Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus will be regarded as “known events and conditions”, any claims related to the outbreak of novel coronavirus will not be covered, and other coverages will remain unchanged under the University Group Travel Plan. Students are advised to purchase travel insurance by themselves.

3) If there is any unforeseeable factor(s) leading to the cancellation or curtailment or delay of the internship, students are required to bear all the expenses including but not limited to visa, transportation and accommodation costs by themselves. Refund of programme fee is on a discretionary basis. Students are advised to communicate with the related organizer for the details and arrangement.

4) One of the requirements for students to receive overseas summer internship subsidy is to complete the specific internship period in full. If students cannot duly complete the internship period, OSA will not provide the related subsidy to the students.


Overseas Summer Internships

All overseas programmes is at a pause until further notice.


Asian countries:

Outside Asia: