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Virtual Internship Programme
Virtual Internship Programme

Stay Local Work Global Think Glocal

Work experience is definitely a competitive edge that students may wish to have in enhancing their employability apart from their academic and professional training. With the outbreak of COVID-19, while our off-shore internship programmes are unable to operate, the Office of Student Affairs has coordinated with various organizations to offer students the opportunity to join Virtual Internships since May. Virtual internships aim to provide students the chance to work on projects for enterprises or organizations (whether it is a local firm or an overseas or Mainland enterprise) in gaining real-world working experience. Students will be supervised or guided by project managers/supervisors to complete research, projects or tasks assigned. The only difference from having a "real" internship is that the internship is not carried out in an office-setting. Work meetings and supervision are done virtually, using the latest communication technology. While businesses are adapting to the remote work structure, this is a new and creative learning experience for students.  At the same time, students can work from home and still engage the world while bearing less financial burden paying for travelling and accommodation for internships that take place outside Hong Kong. 

All full-time undergraduate students are welcome to apply for this Virtual Internships coordinated by OSA. 


Virtual Internship Subsidy (2021-22)* from Office of Student Affairs:

*apply to virtual internships beginning on 1 Sep 2021

As the majority of the virtual internships are unpaid, to provide added incentives for students to join virtual internships with international or non-local organizations in receiving global exposure during term-time, the following subsidies apply: 

Maximum subsidy per student according to the location of the internship host company:
1.Mainland China / Hong Kong : $4,000

2. Asian countries: $6,500

3. Australia / New Zealand: $7,000

4. Spain / Portugal / Germany: $6,000

5. USA, UK & Ireland: $7,000

The subsidy is to assist students in covering the programme fee of the virtual internship programmes. In case your programme fee is lower than the maximum subsidy, e.g., you pay $6300 to join an Ireland virtual internship, your subsidy will be $6300 and not $7000. On the other hand, if your programme fee is $6500 to join a Spanish virtual internship, your subsidy will only be $6000 as this is the maximum subsidy we can provide. 

For your information, the subsidy will be released to students upon successful completion of the virtual internship programme. 


Eligibility for the Virtual Internship Subsidy:

  • Lingnan undergraduate students from all degree programmes
  • Must be age 18 or above at the time when you engage in the virtual internship
  • The virtual internship duration: minimum 4 weeks
  • You are able to perform the virtual internship legally without issues related with work visa. 
  • Each student is eligible to apply for this subsidy once each term/semester. If in doubt, please ask OSA career officers before applying and paying for your virtual internship programme.


Application for the Virtual Internship Subsidy from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA):

Please complete the online application form once you have received, paid and confirmed your virtual internship offer with one of our Virtual Internship providers as listed below.  Apply for Subsidy


Application Method for Virtual Internships during Term Time  & Summer 2021-22 :

To apply for virtual internship programmes, please refer to the list of Virtual Internhsip programmes and observe their respective application method and deadlines. 

List of Virtual Internship Programmes

Name of Organization Application Deadline

CareerDC Online Internship :
Program fee: AUD$800

Online Internship brochure 2021


Open - Apply here
(Please use the enquiry form to leave your details as CareerDC will need to schedule an online meeting with you  first before helping you to apply.)

TalentLink - Lunaris Virtual Company Attachment (Winter internship 2021)

Program fee: HK$2,500

Application deadline: extended to 15 December 2021. But to make use of your winter break to do your internship, we suggest you to apply no later than end of Nov 2021. 
Bloom of Youth Virtual Internship Programme  - focusing on virtual internships in Spain, UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand.
Program fee: HK$5,950 - $6,800

Powerpoint presentation on 3 Mar 2021 Info Session

Enrol 4-8 weeks before your desired start date - Apply here

NEXSTEP Virtual Internship - focusing on virtual internships in Asia
Programme fee for Lingnan students: HK$6,500
* Apply with coupon code: "LINGNAN" to reduce your application deposit to US$200

Powerpoint presentation 

Enrol 4-8 weeks before your desired start date. Apply here. 

Young Talent Virtual Internship Experience Programme, Seeding‘s Culture Youth Exchange Centre
Programme fee: HK$3,800

Apply here
(Application Deadline: From now on till quota is full)

United Planet Virtual Internship Quest: 
Choose from over 20 countries and 60 various projects ranging from children and education, global health, community development, and environmental sustainability.

Program fee: US$800 for 1-month; US$1100 for 2 months. 
A $300 deposit is due at the time of enrollment to lock in your spot in the program. After your confirmation, the balance of the fee is due 2 weeks before your program begins.

* Maximum subsidy for this United Planet Virtual Internship Quest: HK$7000 per student

For Information

Enrol 4-8 weeks before your desired start date - Apply here
Don Nelson Recruitment Limited -「香港青年粵港澳大灣區線上實習計劃 (GBAVIP)」
List of Opportunities  

Obligations for Receiving the Virtual Internship Subsidy:
For students who wish to apply for the subsidy, certain obligations must be fulfilled:

BEFORE starting the virtual internship
  • Must have received and signed offer of virtual internship offer with one of the official Virtual Internship partners listed above.
  • Duly paid the program fee upfront to the virtual internship provider.
  • Make your subsidy application to OSA online; and receive conditional confirmation of your subsidy. 
  • Study the pre-employment brief by the Office of Student Affairs / Attend the required pre-internship briefing or orientation organized by the internship organizer*
  • Complete the pre-internship self-questionnaire*

* Details will be sent to applicants in due course.

DURING the virtual internship
  • Duly fulfill the specified programme requirements of the internship organizer and the internship host company
  • Attend all compulsory trainings/ advisory sessions / debriefing sessions required by the organizer

To receive the virtual internship subsidy, students are required to complete the following:

  • Written report with no less than 400 words in English. The report shall include the following: 
  1. Internship duties / project description
  2. Post-internship sharing - expectations, learning and difficulties encountered
  3. At least 3 pictures to show your internship experience ( e.g. online meeting with supervisors / colleagues )
  • Post-internship self-evaluation & debriefing session

For the report and self-evaluation, please submit to TWO WEEKS after completion of your virtual internship. Late submission will not be entertained.
For the post-internship self-evaluation, the online link will be provided to students once the virtual internship commences. Debriefing session will be arranged via phone call or zoom meeting. 

Release of Subsidy OSA will deposit the subsidy to selected students who fulfil all the requirements / obligations. Students are expected to receive the subsidy via their bank accounts 4 weeks after completion of the above obligations. 

~ updated 3 Nov 2021 ~


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