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Internship Programmes for Students

Internship Programmes for Students

Updated 22 Jan 2024

The Pre-Internship Training Programme (PTP) is a series of face-to-face/online training and self-learning courses that prepares you to acquire the skills which are deemed essential nowadays in job hunting and professional networking. Students who are applying for internship programmes and/or internship subsidies arranged by OSA to participate in an internship programme are highly recommended to join this PTP prior to the internships.

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Internship programmes are highly recommended to students who wish to explore their career interests, upgrade their personal profile, and obtain insight in their preferred career choices prior to graduation. Overseas and mainland internship programmes enables students to broaden their global perspectives through practical work exposure outside Hong Kong. They can also develop an open attitude towards cultural differences and enhance global awareness as well as language proficiency; whereas local internship provides opportunities for students to be exposed to the local dynamic working environment. Subsidies will be provided to eligible students, including both local and international students from low and lower-middle income countries, selected for these programmes.

With local work experience, students can enrich their professional knowledge and generic skills in the workplace and establish a good network with associates and professionals. Internship experiences prior to graduation will strengthen students' overall profile and employability.
Local Summer Internship

Mainland Summer Internships

Overseas Summer Internships

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Virtual Internships

Virtual internships are arranged around the year with local and global firms and organizations, and are open to students to apply anytime. For details of our Virtual Internship Programme and our partners, please visit our website:

  • Virtual Internships - intern with companies in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas