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Government Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme

The Hong Kong Government offers summer internship placement opportunities for local full-time undergraduate students (who are permanent residents of Hong Kong) every year, and requests the University to submit nomination for their departmental internship programmes. Since places are limited and the demand is high, we have to introduce the following nomination policy and application procedures.

The policy and procedures introduced here (refers only to internship programmes that require the University to submit nomination) aim to provide a fair and equal chance to all eligible applicants in receiving nomination from the University.


All available summer internship places suitable for Lingnan students will be posted in the Job Information Platform (JIP). Please check JIP regularly for the update.

If you are interested in any of the summer internship places posted, please refer to the details on JIP for the application method and required documents.

Selection and Nomination of Candidates:

After the closing date of each government department's summer internship programme, all application forms received will be checked. Application forms with missing data, and those who failed to observe the requirements as stated in the job notice, will NOT be processed.

Paper vetting will be conducted and ballots will then be drawn for each summer internship place from the pool of qualified applicants to decide on the list of nominees.

To ensure that every eligible applicant has equal chance to receive nomination from the University, students will only be nominated once.  That means if you are nominated for Department A's internship, you will have lower chance of being nominated for Department B's. Unless there is no suitable candidate and you are the single qualified applicant, OSA career officers may decide otherwise.

There may be circumstances that the ballot system would not be the best way to decide on the list of nominees. The Career Advising Services team of the Office of Student Affairs, acting on behalf of the employer, has full discretion to decide on the final outcome of the nomination. This type of situation may arise if the employer is looking for a type of experience that requires us to screen or interview applicants in order to select the most qualified candidate.


If you have questions with the above, please contact OSA - Career Advising Services:

Mr Edwin FokTel: 2616-7408
Ms Annie LauTel: 2616-8474
Ms Mandy ChoiTel: 2616-7446


(Last updated on 20/2/2024)