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For New Students

New Student Orientation

Welcome to New Student Orientation (NSO 2021)!

Today is the commencement of your new journey at Lingnan. How you navigate your university life and what achievements you wish to make is entirely in your hands. Grasp every opportunity to explore and to learn, to figure out your interests, your strengths and capabilities, to make the best of every invaluable opportunity coming along, and to live and embrace a fulfilling and rewarding university experience here!

To facilitate and ensure you have a good start, please take time to study and acquire all the necessary information below:


E-Handbook for Undergraduate Freshmen 2021

This e-handbook provides necessary information to kick-start your U-life at Lingnan. View the rich array of the services provided by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), and study all updated information you cannot afford to miss: financial assistance schemes, student hostel, New Student Orientation (NSO), Integrated Learning Programme (ILP), community services, counselling services, university teams and student societies’ information, etc.


NSO 2021 Programmes

New students are required to complete all the NSO 2021 programmes listed as follows for Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) units:

  1. 26 August 2021: Face-to-Face / real-time online Programme on campus including hostel check-in, Welcome Address by the President, Talks, Campus Tour and Meeting with the Warden
  2. 7 September 2021: Campus Life Carnival
  3. 12 August – 24 September 2021: E-Learning programmes on Moodle platform


For details, please refer to NSO section in the e-handbook.


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