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New Student Orientation (NSO)

The University provides essential information and supporting network for new students through face-to-face and online programmes carried out in New Student Orientation (NSO). 

NSO aims at helping you adjust to university life and build up necessary relationships. NSO includes Welcome Address by the President, talks, library and campus introductions and connections with university staff, etc. 

The following arrangements are made to cater for new students with different reporting days:

Type AType B

Students who are admitted before 23:59, 22 August 2024 should:

-  complete the online M1 programmes by 30 September 2024; and

-  attend the face-to-face NSO Programmes (Official Welcome and Kaleidoscope Programmes) on 26 August 2024.

Students who are admitted on or after 00:00, 23 August 2024 should:

-  complete the online M1 & M2 programmes by 30 September 2024.

More Information will be coming soon.More Information will be coming soon.


Campus Life Carnival 2024

The Campus Life Carnival aims to bring together the campus community for an evening of fun and laughter, featuring promotion booths run by various student groups, teams and University units, along with live performances and music on campus.

Date: 5 September 2024 (Contingency Date: 6 September 2024)

Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Venue: Kin Sun Square, Covered Area of WYL, LBY and LKK Buildings


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