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VolTra International Workcamps

VoltraLogoAbout VolTra

Founded on 16 April 2009, VolTra is a non-governmental voluntary organization (NGO), which is dedicated to promote international voluntary services in Hong Kong through a well-established worldwide network of international workcamp organizations.

International workcamps refer to the programs created for participants from different countries to get along with the locals. Participating in workcamps, volunteers would have a chance to get to know, to live, to work, to study and to exchange ideas with the locals and other people from all around the world.  OSA has joined hands with VolTra in the summer of 2011 and since then has been sending students to international workcamps around the world.

For more information about VolTra and International Workcamps, please visit

Subsidy for Lingnan Students

In view of the positive learning experience and feedback, OSA is again providing subsidy quotas so that students who are interested in engaging in international non-business and community service-related projects can have a chance to participate.voltra-photo

Lingnan full-time undergraduate degree students who are joining workcamps that are 4 - 12 weeks can apply for subsidy for VolTra International Workcamps. Students must undergo a selection interview by the Office of Student Affairs. For summer 2023 (if situation allows), the University will provide around 15 subsidy quotas to students participating in VolTra International Workcamps.

Eligibility for Receiving the Lingnan Subsidy

  1. Full-time undergraduate degree student in all disciplines (including final year students) who are HK, Macau & Mainland China citizens/residents.
  2. Must be over 18 years of age.
  3. Demonstrate commitment, maturity and the heart to serve.
  4. Pass the selection interview by the Office of Student Affairs.
  5. Attend all compulsory trainings, debriefing, evaluation and sharing sessions as required.
  6. Complete the specific workcamp period in full.
  7. Complete all required reports with good quality.

Details about the subsidy amount and application procedure will be announced in due course.

VolTrateers' Stories

If you are interested in VolTra International Workcamps, we recommend you to read the participated students before your submit your application. Their sharing would help you understand more about workcamps and what you should expect to encounter.


2017 Lingnan VolTra Stories


2016 Lingnan VolTra Stories


2015 Lingnan VolTra Stories


Special Reminder to Students

  1. Under the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, please consider your summer plan carefully before making any workcamps application.
  2. If there is any unforeseeable factor(s) leading to the cancellation or curtailment or delay of the workcamps, students are required to bear all the expenses including but not limited to visa, transportation and accommodation costs (if any) by themselves. Refund of programme fee is on a discretionary basis.  VolTra currently has its refund policy in relation to COVID-19 in place.  Students are always advised to communicate with the organizer (i.e. VolTra) for the details and arrangement, especially when in doubt.
  3. One of the requirements for students to receive overseas summer internship subsidy is to complete the specific internship period in full. If students cannot duly complete the internship period, OSA will not provide the related subsidy to the students.


For students who wish to participate in workcamps and intend to apply for the subsidy, please contact the following OSA staff:

Angie Lau
Tel: 2616 7023
Mandy Choi
Tel: 2616 7446


If you wish to participate in 4-week short-term workcamps, please apply via VolTra directly as the University will not provide subsidy. For details, please visit:

VolTra Website:

VolTra Facebook:


(Last update: 2022)