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Buddy Scheme@L²EI : Appreciation to Internet Slangs

Do you know the trendy slang words nowadays?  Come to join the Appreciation to Internet Slangs to learn and share with others about the interesting slangs.


Date                : 14 March 2022 (Mon)
Time                : 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Language        : Cantonese / Putonghua / English / Spanish / Russian
Venue              : Online via Zoom
ILP unit            : 1 unit (Residential Education Domain)
Capacity          : 30 seats (first-register-first-served)

Ms. VANDYSHEVA Polina, Visiting English Tutor of Centre for English and Additional Languages
Ms. MACIAS Isabel Alejandra, Visiting English Tutor of Centre for English and Additional Languages
Mr. WINDSOR Ryan John, Lecturer of Centre for English and Additional Languages
Dr. ZHANG Paiyu, Assistant Lecturer, Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre

Please register via: 

Registration Deadline : noon, 11 March 2022 (Fri)


  • Students to know the Language Instructor/VETs and the buddies in the Language Corner.
  • Students to share with the buddies the interesting internet slangs.  Language instructor/VETs to select the “Best Performer(s)” in his/her Language Corner (and a supermarket coupon) will be given thereafter.
  • Language instructor/VETs to introduce some slangs in another foreign language to the students in the Language Corner. 



1. First-register-first-served.  Applicants can choose the Language Corner of their most preferred language, while seats are available.
2. A HK$100 ParknShop Coupon will be awarded to the “Best Performer” of each Language Corner.
3. In case the registration for a particular Language Corner is overwhelmed or unsatisfactory, we reserve the right to make adjustment accordingly.
4. Priorities will be given to language buddies of Buddy Scheme@L²EI.​

For inquiry of the above, please contact Ms. Tequila Leung (Tel: 2616 7405, email:
Office of Student Affairs