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Committee-related Information

Committee-related Information

The University has established a robust committee structure to underpin its governance and decision-making at various levels.  This webpage aims to provide staff, students and visitors with important information on committee-related matters of the University, such as the rules of procedure governing committee meetings, and the terms of reference (ToRs) and memberships of the committees at university level, including the Senate and its Standing Committees.


Rules of Procedures for the Meetings of University Committee

Agenda Management and Guidelines to Committee Chairs

Composition, Procedures and Power of the Senate

Terms of Reference and Membership of the Senate and Standing Committees of the Senate



1. Information on Council Committees and Committees under the President and Central Administration is posted on the website of the Office of Council/Court Business and General Administration. Please visit for the information on Council Committees and for information on Committees under the President and Central Administration.


2. For the ToRs and memberships of committees at Faculty/departmental/programme level, please visit the websites of respective Faculties/departments/programmes.


3. There is a separate governance structure for Lingnan Institute of Further Education, details of which are available from the Institute.