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Quality Assurance Council (QAC) Audits

The Quality Assurance Council (QAC) established under the UGC conducts institutional audits to promote quality assurance and enhancement and the spread of good practice.

Third QAC Audit

The third audit cycle, which will cover all programmes at the levels of sub-degree, first degree and above (however funded) offered by the eight UGC-funded universities, will be conducted between 2023 and 2024. The Audit Panel’s visit to Lingnan University will take place virtually in two weeks commencing 14 October 2024 and Lingnan’s Self-Evaluation Report (SER) is due for submission on 14 June 2024.  The Audit Theme is Collection, Analysis and Usage of Data. The emphasis is on how universities are harnessing data in their management of academic quality and standards, as well as how such data contribute to evidence-based decisions for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

The full audit manual (updated in May 2022) can be found here:

Details on Preparation for Third QAC Audit

For more details of the audit and the preparation work by the University as well as relevant documents/information, please click here (login required).


Second QAC Audit

In the Report of a Quality Audit of Lingnan University announced on 19 October 2016, the QAC findings confirm that the University is committed to providing quality whole-person education informed by the best of Chinese and Western liberal arts traditions; nurturing all-round excellence in students; and encouraging faculty and students to contribute to society through original research and knowledge transfer. The Report also highlighted the University’s commitment to achieving excellence through a liberal arts education and to providing a rich array of opportunities for the whole-person development of its students. 

QAC Audit Report

Institutional Response to the Audit Findings

Press Release

In response to the findings in the Audit Report, the University worked out the Progress Report which was submitted to the QAC on 30 April 2018. Both QAC and UGC consider that the University’s follow-up is full, adequate and sound, and its Progress Report, supported by a substantial body of high quality supporting evidence, provides a comprehensive account of a sustained and continuing effort. The depth in which every word of advice and encouragement is considered attests to the openness of LU to accept and benefit from constructive criticism in the interest of enhancing its provision for students.


Details on Preparation for Second QAC Audit

The second QAC audit on Lingnan University was conducted from 26th to 29th January 2016. For details of the preparation and relevant documents/information (including the Institutional Submission), please click here (login required).


First QAC Audit

  • The Audit Report of the first QAC Audit of Lingnan University was officially announced on 30 July 2010. For details, please click here
  • The University worked out the Progress Report which was submitted to the QAC in January 2012.


Sub-degree Audit