Subsite Background


A testimonial details the current study/graduation status of the applicant in Lingnan University.  Information such as the "Term of Admission", "Programme of Study", "Programme Duration" and graduation information (for graduates and final year students after graduation approval) is included.


Sample of Testimonial (current students)


Sample of Testimonial (graduates)


Testimonial will NOT be issued to students who have unpaid accounts/obligations due to the University/have unofficially withdrawn from the University.


The application fee for testimonial is HK$50 per copy. All fees paid are NOT refundable.


Students/graduates of Year 2003 or after of UG programmes, TPg programmes, research postgraduate (RPg) programmes and other non-UGC funded programmes are required to submit their applications via myLingnan Portal(“Student Services” / “Alumni” > “Online Application for Transcript”). A copy of the LU card/HKID card/passport has to be submitted alongside your application for verification


(Alumni who forgot their login names and/or passwords of myLingnan Portal may follow the instructions stipulated here for re-activation of account.)


All application document(s) received will be destroyed 1 year after the date of application.

(* Graduates of Year 2002 or before or graduates/former students without access to the myLingnan Portal may make their applications by submitting a completed application form to the Registry in person/by post/email.


For applications submitted by post/email, a copy of your HKID card/passport has to be submitted alongside your application for verification.


For applications made in person at the Registry counter, applicants should present his/her HKID card/Passport for verification of identity.)


Payment Methods


For online application, applicants must pay the application fees by credit card (VISA/Mastercard). 


For application made by application form, applicant must pay the application fees via one of the following channels:


  1. Octopus Card (only for application submitted in person)
  2. Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) (only for application by post/email)

Processing Time


Application will be processed only upon receipt of complete information and successful payment. Late payment/incomplete information/insufficient document(s) will delay the application process.


It normally takes 7 working days (excluding the application day) for processing a testimonial application.


Applications will be processed in the order of receipt. Urgent requests may not be entertained.


Applicants may choose to

  1. collect the testimonial at the Registry counter; or

  2. have the testimonial mailed to the address provided by the applicants. Applicants should provide FULL and correct address(es) clearly in the application to avoid postal error.
    The Registry accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of the documents during postal delivery, or in confirming with the recipient(s) on the testimonial receipt status.

For applications submitted online via the myLingnan Portal, applicants will receive an acknowledgement email after the application has been processed.


To collect your testimonial at the Registry counter (for UG and RPg students) / programme offices (for TPg students), please bring along your LU card (for current students) or Hong Kong Identity Card / other Identity document (for alumni) for the verification of identity.


For collection by an authorised person at the Registry, please provide a hardcopy of the authorisation letter duly signed by the applicant and a photocopy of the applicant’s own Identity Card.


If necessary, you may check with the Registry at (852) 2616 8750 to see if your testimonial is ready for collection before you come to collect the testimonial.


Testimonials not collected within 1 year from the date of application will be destroyed by the University without further notice.  Applicants concerned, if later on require a testimonial, should submit the application afresh.