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Capstone Fair 2022

28 Nov 2022 (Mon)


Kin Sun Square (Skylight), Lingnan University


The final-year students in Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies (BACS) marked a great achievement by presenting and sharing their capstone projects with the public in an innovative and interactive way in the Capstone Fair on 28 November 2022 (Mon)! 

In their project presentations, students demonstrated their ability to integrate the academic knowledge and practical skills they have acquired from their undergraduate studies. They are encouraged to think through and beyond what they have learned, and to contribute to society. Their research projects cover a wide range of topics, including gender, sexuality, digital media, and social behaviour.

As a token of appreciation for students, 3 awards were presented. The Best Capstone Presentation, the 1st Runner-up Capstone Presentation and  the 2nd Runner-up Capstone Presentation were issued to three student groups whose projects received the highest number of votes in a secret ballot.

Project Title
灶台内外 Inside and Outside the Virtual Stove – A Connection of Women, Netizens, and Society
A Qualitative Study of Public Space, Busking and Social Belonging in Hong Kong (1st Runner-up Capstone Presentation)
How Should Sex Education Be Improved?
Research on the Change of Media Contents in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Douyin’s Success
Misogyny in Transition: Different Faces of Masculinities Along the Rise of LIHKG (2nd Runner-up Capstone Presentation)
Sense of Belonging and External Perceptions of Cult-film Lover Community in Hong Kong
VTubers and Their Followers – What’s So Special About This Rabbit Hole?
TV Afterschool: The Attachment of Generation-Z’s Childhood to Children’s Programs Broadcasted by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in Hong Kong
How Could Digital Nomads Be Socially Acceptable in China? (Best Capstone Presentation)

We hope you enjoyed this event, and we are looking forward to the next Capstone Fair!

Highlight Photos

Mini Capstone Fair on 28 April 2023 (Fri)

A half-day Mini-Capstone Fair was held on 28 April 2023 in Kin Sun Square (Skylight). 3 groups of final-year students showcased their capstone projects to the public in an innovative way.

Project Title
Humorizing the Pandemic: The Use and Interpretation of PandeMemes in Hong Kong
“Real Love” of LGBTQ+ Community in Hong Kong Movies? Intimacy scenes in Hong Kong LGBT+ movies
Industrialised Tradition: Dragon and Lion Dance under Symbolic Economies in Hong Kong