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Celebrating Academic Excellence: Department of Cultural Studies Faculty Members Receive GRF/ECS Funds by the University Grants Committee (UGC)

We are delighted to announce that Prof Ngai PUN (Chair Professor), Prof Roberto CASTILLO (Associate Professor), Prof Miao LU (Assistant Professor) and Prof Benjamin KINDLER (Assistant Professor) have been awarded the GRF/ECS funds that altogether worth over HK$2.2 million by the University Grants Committee (UGC). Their achievements demonstrate their dedication to research excellence and the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. Congratulations to the following faculty members on their well-deserved awards:

  1. Prof Ngai PUN has been awarded the General Research Fund (GRF)

Project Title: Cultivating worker communities among themselves: digital technologies, platform workers, and participatory culture in China

Project Fund: HK$728,000

  1. Prof Roberto CASTILLO has been selected the awardee of the General Research Fund (GRF)

Project Title: Race and Racism in Africa-China Relations: Contemporary Social Media Narratives and Representations

Project Fund: HK$788,000

  1. Prof Miao LU has been named the awardee of the Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Project Title: Competing for Africa’s Digital Infrastructure: Cables, Base Stations, and Chinese Telecom Companies in Ghana

Project Fund: HK$548,365

  1. Prof Benjamin KINDLER has been awarded the Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Project Title: Factory humanisms: Sino-Soviet encounters, labour aesthetics and the fashioning of the post-socialist factory in reform-era China

Project Fund: HK$215,000

We extend our special congratulations to Prof Roberto CASTILLO for being honored with the Young Researcher Output Award at the same time! We are proud of our faculty members’ accomplishments and the recognition they have received, which also reflect the Department of Cultural Studies’ commitment to fostering a thriving research environment and promoting academic excellence.