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Centre for Cultural Research and Development 文化研究及發展中心

“Waste Commons” in Motion via Hong Kong’s Light Rail Loop


Exploring the Multiple Routes for Community-Oriented Food Waste Management

This project proposes to explore the emerging and diverse community-based practices for recycling food waste along the light rail loop in the Big Northwest area in order to develop a solution to the problem of food waste in Hong Kong. It introduces and develops the concept “waste commons”, the idea of a shared ownership or responsibility for waste. It aims to ultimately develop an integrated framework for sustainable waste management that harnesses social mobilisation in the form of a community economy for food waste, so as to develop a more sustainable relationship between humans and waste in a rural-urban nexus of Hong Kong.

In the media

香港農業 3.0 (HK AGRI 3.0), 繼續⽣產:可持續農業的挑戰與在地策略

Principal Investigator:
LEUNG Shi-chi Daren

University Grant Council, Early Career Scheme (2022 / 23), n.23602622. HKD 415,000, On-going