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Our Graduates



  • Chiu Chi Cheong, Political Science Major

    Studying government and international affairs certainly brings out the best in me. Lingnan’s program provides a wide range of topics to study, thereby broadening my horizons. It allows me to see a variety of domestic and international issues through the lens of social science. The attempt to comprehend the subject is both challenging and absorbing. The training in logical and scientific analysis of government affairs equipped me with a toolkit that not only helps with my academic pursuits but also with my daily life puzzles.

    Support from the department is also abundant. Professors are friendly and supportive, for whom questions concerning academic enigmas and personal growth are more than welcome. This learning environment, for me, is the best for intellectual thriving.
  • Cheri Pong, Political Science Major

    Completing the 4-Year Social Sciences Programme at Lingnan is a beatific and enthralling experience in my life. Professors are generous enough to offer timely help on issues, ranging from intellectual guidance to future career planning. With their advice and encouragement, I become more confident to step out of my comfort zone and seize opportunities for my personal growth. Blessed enough to receive numerous scholarships and grants, I could fund my term-long exchange in London and work as a financial news editor intern at Yicai (第一财经) in Shanghai. Joining the Civic Engagement Programme at Lingnan, I got the taste of teaching as a peer-mentor at a community service centre in Tuen Mun. These exposures capacitate me to develop careers as a researching consultant and analyst at multinational corporations before further studies.


  • Arthur Li, International Studies Stream (IS)

      Arthur Li



    Hi, I am Li Wing Kit Arthur. I was a graduate of the International Studies(IS) Stream, of the Social Sciences Faculty, in 2010. I am now furthering my Master's Degree studies at Peking University (PKU), expecting to graduate in July 2012. The degree I am pursuing at PKU is Master of International Studies, majoring in International Political Economy.

    I have had the opportunity to study various IS courses in Lingnan. The courses that I took provided me with a good understanding of not just Asian and global politics, but also the inter-linkages between the political and economic aspects of global affairs. In class, we were regularly discussing and debating current issues. So doing helped me learnt a lot about current issues and inter-personal skills.

    Apart from my studies, I also joined the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police as a Police Constable. Lingnan University's Department of Political Science and its professors fully supported me in contributing to the broader community. This is also a good experience that I believe would lead to much greater success for myself in the future.

    It is with the support of the professors in this department that I proceeded to study further at Peking University. I would particularly like to thank Prof. Brian Bridges and Dr. C. P. Chung for their unreserved recommendation such that I can further my studies now.

    I would like to encourage all Social Sciences Students to choose Political Science subjects for a bright future.