The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Department Goals and Objectives


Related Objectives
Learning & Teaching
  • To prepare students to compete on the job market for, and to be effective in, positions of responsibility as executives or professionals, based on a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, and values.
  • To foster close and constructive relationships with and among students on all our courses and programmes.
  • To embrace modern educational methods that attract students’ active engagement in the learning process.
  • To offer the Major in Human Resource Management Programme (HRM) and the Minor in Human Resource Management Programme that prepares undergraduates to serve as specialists or leaders in HRM or related functions.
  • To support the offering of a Minor in Entrepreneurship Programme that prepares undergraduates from all disciplines for leadership positions in start-ups, innovation hubs, or ambidextrous firms.
  • To deliver core courses on the BBA programme that provide students with analytical tools for understanding organizational dynamics and engaging in strategic thinking.
  • To offer an MSc programme in HRM and Organisational Behaviour that prepares graduates from around the world for career entry or advancement as professionals in HRM or related functions.
  • To contribute further to the Liberal Arts mission of the University by offering general education courses and integrating service-learning activities into these and other undergraduate courses, thereby fostering graduate attributes such as civic orientation while making a difference to the community.


  • To underpin our teaching and learning activities with high-quality research in business ethics, Chinese and Japanese management, conflict management, innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork, supply-chain management, management and organizational learning, quality management, and other important organizational topics and issues.


  • To conduct high-quality research in areas of interest to management scholars and practitioners and disseminate our findings in high-impact publications.
  • To serve as role models and thought leaders for our students by incorporating insights based on our own research into our teaching.¬†
Knowledge Transfer


  • To transfer knowledge for the benefit of stakeholders within the community and for the common good.


  • To conduct seminars for the general public that provide practitioner insights, linked to our own research.
  • To provide consultancy services to outside organizations beyond academia that are based on our own research expertise.



Teaching and Learning Approaches

We encourage students to learn actively through involvement in a wide variety of activities:

  • Lectures
  • Service Learning
  • Action Learning in Groups¬†(Organising Activities, Doing Business, Problem Solving Exercises, Discussions and Debates, Role Play, Presentations, Case Studies, Field Projects, etc.)
  • Contacts with practitioners (Company Visits, Talks and Workshops, Sharing with Professionals, Mentoring Programme, etc.)
  • Student Enhancement Programme
  • Student Development Programmes