Staff List


Academic Staff

  Name   Email   Tel.   Office

Head and Associate Professor


Prof. CHEN Tingting


[email protected]


2616 8313



Emeritus Professor


Prof. TJOSVOLD Dean William


[email protected]


2616 8310



Distinguished Research Scholar


Prof. CRANT Mike


[email protected]


2616 8310





Prof. CHEN Yifeng, Nancy


[email protected]


2616 8346



Adjunct Professor


Prof. WONG Shiu-ho, Alfred

  [email protected]   2616 8310   SEK102/2

Associate Professor of Teaching


Prof. LAM Tak-ming, Eric

  [email protected]   2616 8332   SEK102/3
Assistant Professor  

Prof. LEE Xue Ren, Randy

  [email protected]   2616 8314   SEK102/7
Assistant Professor   Prof. LI Na, Yolanda   [email protected]   2616 8326   SEK102/11

Assistant Professor


Prof. WANG Nan

  [email protected]   2616 8333   SEK102/8

Assistant Professor of Teaching


Prof. WANG Yuanyuan, Claire

  [email protected]   2616 8306   SEK102/10

Assistant Professor of Teaching


Prof. XIE Nina

  [email protected]   2616 8648   SEK102/10
Research Assistant Professor  

Prof. ZHANG Hong

  [email protected]   2616 8650   SEK102/5
Research Assistant Professor   Prof. LIM Jaegoo   [email protected]   2616 8304   SEK102/5
Postdoctoral Fellow   Dr. KOU Yu, Sharon   [email protected]   2616 8318   SEK102/12
Part-time Lecturer   Dr. CHAN Yin Lee, Maureen   [email protected]   2616 7940   SEK102/1
Part-time Lecturer   Dr. MAK Wai-ming, Mac   [email protected]   2616 7940   SEK102/1


Administrative Staff

Position   Name   Email   Tel.   Office
Administrative Officer   Ms. WANG Lin, Jessie   [email protected]   2616 8329   SEK102/2

Administrative Officer

  Ms. CHENG Wai-chong, Rachel   [email protected]   2616 8310   SEK102/2
Senior Research Officer   Ms. WANG Yiqing, Pinko   [email protected]   2616 8307   SEK102/1
Assistant Research Officer   Ms. DAI Haichen, Vivien   [email protected]   2616 7830   SEK102/12
Assistant Research Officer   Ms. DENG Jiayin   [email protected]   2616 7830   SEK102/12
Assistant Research Officer   Ms. QIAO Yan   [email protected]   2616 7830   SEK102/12
Assistant Administrative Officer   Ms. HE Xinyu, Emily   [email protected]   2616 8486   SEK102/1
Assistant Administrative Officer   Mr. NG Yu-sum, Eason   [email protected]   2616 8485   SEK102/1


MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Position   Name   Email   Tel.   Office

Associate Director

  Prof. NI Na  

[email protected]


2616 7578



Programme Officer   Ms. CHAN Mei Shan, Katherine  

[email protected]

  2616 8308   SEK112/6
Programme Officer   Ms. CHEN Zheqi, Gigi  

[email protected]

  2616 8303   SEK112/2
Assistant Teaching Officer   Ms. LU Hongfan, Alice   [email protected]   2616 8309   SEK112/3A


PhD and MPhil Students

Name Email Office

Ms. CHENG Yufei, Clara

[email protected] SEK109

Mr. GAO Xiangyu

[email protected] SEK109

Ms. LIN Xiaoxia, Summer

[email protected] SEK109

Ms. XU Qianqian

[email protected] SEK109