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Fair Trade Coffee – Coffee Ground Scrub Workshop
ILP活動:咖啡中的公平 - 咖啡渣磨砂膏工作坊



The Battle of Zero Waste - Documentary Screening and Sharing: "The Clean Bin Project"
ILP活動: 減廢大作戰:《清空垃圾桶計劃》紀錄片放映及分享會 2022






Is Paper Waste Useless? Tour to "Mil Mill" X Papermaking Workshop
ILP活動:廢紙真係咁「廢」?-「喵坊」遊 X 造紙工作坊 2022




總有一「膠」喺附近:香港膠污染x線上放映會 2022
Online documentary screening: Plastic Everywhere X Environmental Sustainability



In Search of Heritage   遊古覓今 2020-21
Term 2
Term 1




















Opening Reception for CCGEO / Science Unit






Special Documentary Screening - The Last Animals



暑期科學課程 -【跨代生態學堂 – 兩爬保育】



Public Lecture on General Sciences



"Identity and Society" Film Series




Science and Technology Seminar Series




Public Lecture on General Sciences



Science & Technology Seminar Series 2016



Man of Marble



Science Seminar Series




"Theatre and Life" Film Series



Distinguished Science Seminar: "Einstein's Messengers: A new window on the Universe"



"Art and Life" Film Series




"Virtual Reality" Documentary Film Series




"Delta Four" Short Film Series



Public Lecture on General Sciences



"We are Golden" Film Series



"Youth & Citizenship" Film Series




General Education Seminar


Public Lecture on General Sciences