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Advisory Board For Service-Learning - Terms of Reference

Advisory Board For Service-Learning - Terms of reference

  • Role: The role of the Advisory Board is to act as an interface between Government/ industry/commerce/the community at large and the OSL of the University. 
  • Power and Responsibilities: The Advisory Board shall meet once or twice a year to assist in the planning and development of the Service-Learning programme, with particular reference to the following: 
    • the level and length of courses/programme concerned in relation to local/regional/international needs; 
    • development of teaching and other activities carried out jointly by the academic units and the appropriate sector of the community; and 
    • offering advice on the development of the OSL at Lingnan University, in the context of Hong Kong. 
  • The Advisory Board shall support and facilitate the other community partners (including both local and international community partners) with an eye to implementating the Service-Learning programme.
  • The Advisory Board shall evaluate the quality of the Service-Learning programme and provide feedback for the purpose of future programme enhancement.
  • Advisory Boards shall send minutes of their meetings to the President for subsequent referral to the relevant boards and committees.

Composition and Membership:

  • Chairperson: To be nominated by the Convener and appointed by the Senate
  • Convener: Director, Office of Service-Learning (OSL)
  • Members: To be nominated by the Convener and appointed by the Senate
  • Secretary: To be appointed by the Convener
  • Observers and Advisers: The Committee may invite any persons to attend any meeting as observers or advisers, as needed

Term of Service

Advisory Board members are normally appointed for a term of three academic years, subject to renewal.  While no regulation is provided for the maximum number of years an individual can serve, the academic unit concerned is encouraged to look for new persons for appointment.