Subsite Background

Milestones and Achievements

Established in 2006, the Office of Service-Learning has been one of Hong Kong’s leading platforms for students to drive community impact. Since 2016, participation in Service-Learning has become a graduation requirement for Lingnan students.

Active role of students

During the foundational years, student made impact directly serving on site led by non-governmental organisation partners. In face of the challenges and opportunities presented, OSL has since adapted and reinvented itself to enable students take up an active role in initiating and designing projects that create even longer-term impact for community.

Growing repertoire of Service-Learning projects

OSL has also grown with the communities in which it operates by offering a more diverse and flexible repertoire of Service-Learning projects, catering to students’ individualised education needs and inclinations.

Emerging social innovation hub

Having introduced team teaching, design thinking, and creative innovation in recent years, OSL is steadily building its capacity as a hub for social innovation in Asia targeting to solve local as well as global issues. 

Impact data

A lot have been accomplished in the last twelve years. The infographic below chronicles a selection of key milestones and major achievements of this unique arm of Lingnan University.

Since the establishment of the Office of Service-Learning in 2006, OSL has provided service-learning experiences to 7166 students in 356 courses, serving 104,300 people in 811 projects, which added up to 24,800 impact hours. During this period, we have worked with 245 distinct agency partners, Lingnan departments/units, and 96 course instructors.