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S-L E-Portfolio Competition

E-Portfolio for your reflection and learning


An E-portfolio is a web-based collection of students’ works, including presentations, team projects, creative writing, and anything reflecting a student’s learning (Stanford University, 2018). E-portfolio is not only for the documentation but also deepening the student’s learning, especially for dispositional learning such as fluid intelligence and interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies (Kuh, et al., 2018), language, and intercultural learning (Kennedy, Bruen & Péchenart, 2011). E-portfolio has the potential to capture and record different aspects of the learning process for reflection and continuous assessment for strengthening students’ self-directed learning.  Therefore, the Office of Service-Learning and Teaching and Learning Centre work together to organize an E-Portfolio competition for enhancing students’ learning outcomes through the reflection in Service-Learning projects.


Results Announcement (2020-21):

Outstanding Award: HO 41495xx

Golden Awards: ZHUMAGULOVA 40609xx, TSOI 40931xx, CHAN 41615xx

Most Popular Awards: HO 41495xx, ZHUMAGULOVA 40609xx, YANG 41182xx, CHENG 40344xx, CHUA 41250xx

*The results have been sent to the awardees through individual email. 


 New Awards (2021-22):

Outstanding Awards: 3 x $2,000 cash coupon

Golden Awards: 3 x $500 cash coupon

Most Popular Awards: 20 x $100 cash coupon

 (Subject to change depending on the quality of the E-Portfolio) 



Students, who completed courses with S-L elements in 2021-22, are eligible to join this competition.



E-Portfolio: A one-page e-platform design (e.g., Mahara, Sway, and so on) or a max 2-min video.

Required Content (stories, graphs, photos, pictures, videos, mixed methods, and so on):

  • Showcase your Service-Learning experience

(let us know what have you or your team done? How can your project impact others? )

  • How your Service-Learning experience enhance your learning in the course with S-L elements?

(Your learning is not limited to subject-related knowledge. You can also mention the improvement of other skills, such as communication skills, social competence, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, research skills, civic orientation, or other skills. If you have learned many skills in your Service-Learning project, please focus on one or two knowledge and skills in your E-portfolio.)

  • What is your improvement plan for your future after completion of your Service-Learning project?

(You can mention what you will do to have continuous improvement in the mentioned knowledge and skills? )



  1. Design your group or individual E-Portfolio based on the above criteria
  2. Submit your group or individual E-Portfolio through the application form
  3. All submitted E-Portfolio will be uploaded to the website for voting

* You can invite your friends and classmates to vote and support your E-Portfolio. The most popular awards for HK$100 cash coupon will be issued to the popular E-Portfolio.

  1. All submitted E-Portfolio will be selected by the vetting committee based on the following selection criteria for the golden awards and outstanding awards:
  • Creativity,
  • Relevance of their learning and S-L experience,
  • Depth of the reflection, and
  • Feasibility of their improvement plans


E-Learning Materials:

Guideline for using Mahara (prepared by TLC)


Guide to Sway ePortfolio (Example from Youtube video)

Introduction of Microsoft Sway (From Microsoft Website)


Create an ePortfolio in Google Sites (Example from Youtube video)

How to use Google Sites (From Google Support)



The awardees will be invited to share their experience through in-depth interviews or focus groups.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Chad Chan at 26168074 or through email ([email protected]).



Kennedy, F., Bruen, J., &, Péchenart, J. (2011). Using an e-portfolio to facilitate the self-assessment of both language and intercultural learning in higher education: A case-study approach. CercleS, 1(1) 229-247.

Kuh, G. D., Gambino, L. M., Bresciani Ludvik, M., & O’Donnell, K. (2018, February). Using ePortfolio to document and deepen the impact of HIPs on learning dispositions (Occasional Paper No. 32). Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA). Retrieved from http://learningoutcomesassessment. org/occasionalpaperthirtytwo.html

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