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Showcases for Summer Academy 2023

Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy 2023

Service-Learning Project for Addressing Water Quality Challenges

Collaborating with the host university, Batangas State University, Lingnan students looked into how WaterScope©, a fieldwork water test kit designed and developed by Cambridge University, can be implemented in areas with water quality challenges. In two weeks, the innovation team immersed themselves in the Badjao community in Barangay Malitam, Batangas, conducting in-depth interviews with healthcare officials and village leaders to understand the pressing water quality needs in the community.

As piped water is unavailable in the Badjao community, water is owned by water retailers who sell it to community members through siphoning or in-person sales. This presents a high risk of contamination as water is transported through various receptacles and channels before it eventually reaches the consumers.

Showcases for Summer Academy 2023
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