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Lingnan University and the University of Oxford co-host International Postgraduate Summer School

Prof Lau Chi-pang


The International Postgraduate Summer School co-hosted by Lingnan University and the University of Oxford commenced on 24 June at Lingnan University, attracting the participation of postgraduate students and faculty members from different universities in mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is the third year of Lingnan University’s collaboration with the University of Oxford for postgraduate summer school.

The Summer School, with a duration of three weeks, aims to provide a platform for scholars and research postgraduate students to discuss some critical issues on interdisciplinary studies which enrich participants’ horizons from traditionally discipline-based academic exploration.  The first week of the Summer School is being held at Lingnan University followed by a two-week programme at Hertford College, University of Oxford, UK.

In collaboration with leading institutions in Asia and the UK, the Summer School offers the opportunity for students across different parts of the globe to establish their own research clusters with sharing interests and learning from world-renowned scholars to enrich their research experiences.  Other co-organisers of the International Summer School include Ewha Womans University, National Chengchi University, National Chung Cheng University, Peking University, South China University of Technology, and Zhejiang University.

On the first day of the Summer School, the keynote speaker, Professor Paul Cheung, National University of Singapore, shared his working experience as the director of the United Nations Statistics Division, Chief Statistician of the Government of Singapore, and advisors for China and other Asian countries. Drawing on his rich working experience and expertise in statistics, Professor Cheung discussed how the use of data and information in public policy formation, monitoring and evaluation has changed in the big data era.

The one-week programme at Lingnan University also offers a series of workshops on various research and methodological issues, as well as student presentations, field visits and social activities.


Prof Paul CheungOxford Summer School