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Additional for PhD Business Programme

I. Course Work, Examination Requirement and All But Dissertation (ABD)

  1. Complete a total of not less than 12 credits of graduate level courses before thesis submission.  These courses are distributed as follows:


    General Research Requirement in Managerial and Organizational Contexts (3 credits hours)
    Pass the “Research Methods in Business” course (RBUS510)


    Quantitative Requirement (3 credits hours)
    This should normally be a graduate level course in Econometrics or Behavioural Statistics, required by individual departments.


    Major Requirement (12 credits hours)
    Four other graduate level courses required by individual Departments.

    In relation to the fulfillment of the above requirements,


    credit transfer is allowed for requirement (a) if a student has taken RBUS510 Research Methods in Business or an equivalent course in his/her MPhil Study. If credit transfer is granted, the student has to fulfill a total of 15 credit hours for graduation.


    3 credit hours can be exempted for requirement (b). A student granted an exemption will have to take an alternative course to fulfill the 3 credit hours.


    only 1-course credit transfer (3 credit hours) is allowed for requirement (c). If credit transfer is granted, the student has to fulfill 9 credit hours in this category for graduation.


    recommendation for credit transfer and/or exemption should be submitted by the Supervisor concerned and approved by the Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee (RPSC) in Business.

  2. Supplementary Courses
    For students who do not have a business degree or who have deficiencies in business education with respect to the major or supporting field, additional make-up courses will be required as prescribed by the respective major Department.  These courses may be offered at the graduate or undergraduate level. For students with only a bachelor business degree, additional research methodology or graduate seminar courses will normally be required.

  3. Qualifying/ Candidacy Examination(s)


    Pass a written candidacy examination administered by the individual Departments to become an ABD.  The examination should normally be taken within the first 18 months of the programme for full-time students.


    The written examination should be graded on a pass/ fail basis. If a student fails any part of the examination, he/she should retake once within 6 months.


    Content of the written examination should be determined and managed by individual Departments.


    A copy of examination paper and answer should be copied to RPSC.

II. Teaching Requirements

  1. Students who have completed a minimum of 12 credits of coursework will qualify for ABD status on successful completion of the written examination administered by the major Department. Qualified ABD students will be considered “scholarly academic” (SA) for a period of three years from the time of attaining ABD status. They will therefore be eligible for teaching assignments as an academically qualified teacher.

  2. Each student should assist the teaching of at least two different courses any time during the period of study.

  3. Each student should teach at least one course any time during the period of study, but must be after being SA.


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