At Lingnan University, we are steadfast in our pursuit of research excellence and societal impact, aligning with our historic motto of 'Education for Service.' Our university is globally recognized for its distinctive liberal arts education, which is enhanced by an unwavering commitment to teaching quality, internationalization, and impactful research. We are dedicated to addressing the challenges of social significance and sustainability through our academic endeavors.


In an era shaped by rapid digital transformation, Lingnan is enhancing digital literacy and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students, faculty, and staff. We recognize that technology plays a vital role in education, research, and community engagement. To this end, we are integrating cutting-edge technologies and innovative pedagogies into our curriculum. Our initiatives, such as providing free access to advanced tools like ChatGPT and GPT 4.0, are designed to keep our community at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring that our students are well-equipped for the ever-evolving global landscape.


Our research paradigm is dynamic and responsive to the burgeoning technological advancements. By merging traditional programs with digital prowess, we are creating a liberal arts environment that is both classic and contemporary. Our strategic geographical proximity to the technological hub of Shenzhen positions us uniquely as a gateway to the Northern Metropolis, fostering cross-border collaborations that bolster our research impact. Lingnan's commitment to nurturing critical thinkers and problem-solvers is reflected in our diverse initiatives, from the 'Impact with CARE' project to our active engagement in global research networks. Through these efforts, we continue to cultivate a rich heritage of knowledge transfer and a robust research culture that resonates with our ethos of 'Education for Service.'


Lingnan University has long stood as a beacon of educational excellence, and our commitment to producing research with real-world impact has been recognized on a global scale. We are proud to announce our ranking as second in "Quality Education" globally by the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2023.


Our research prowess is further evidenced by the results of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2020, overseen by the University Grants Committee in Hong Kong. A significant portion of Lingnan University's research outputs were distinguished as "World Leading" (4-star) or "Internationally Excellent" (3-star). Notably, our Unit of Assessment in Sociology & Anthropology was ranked first among local universities in terms of 4-star research outputs. Furthermore, our disciplines of Accountancy, Philosophy, and Social Work & Social Policy have achieved commendable rankings, with Social Work & Social Policy leading and Accountancy following closely in the quantity of top-tier research outputs. Such achievements underscore Lingnan's excellence in multiple academic fields.


Our impact on society through research is profound, with over half of LU’s Impact Cases being rated as either 4-star or 3-star, signifying 'Outstanding' or 'Considerable' impact, respectively. In the realm of "Research Environment", Lingnan University has received a 4-star rating in Cultural Studies and 3-star ratings in Chinese Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, Philosophy, and Accountancy. These accolades reflect the nurturing and supportive research environment that Lingnan fosters, cultivating scholarly inquiry that not only advances academic boundaries but also serves the wider community.