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Enjoy the Experiential Learning at Lingnan University

Enjoy the Experiential Learning at Lingnan University

With a rich heritage dating back to 1888, Lingnan University provides generations of Lingnan students with rich, diversified and professional experiential learning experience through its century-old liberal arts education. Unlike traditional cognitive learning, Lingnan University students, with the breadth and depth of knowledge they acquired through experiential learning, are better able to make use of their professional skills, interdisciplinary knowledge, community practice, critical thinking and holistic development.


In the recent QS Star Rating, Lingnan University has been awarded the highest star rating of 5+, which is a testament to the effectiveness and relevance of its experiential learning. Lingnan University's School of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Faculty of Social Sciences together offer more than 40 taught postgraduate programs, many of which are the first or only of their kind in the Greater Bay Area and even Asia. Existing and new postgraduate programs, such as the Master of Science in Health Analytics and Management, Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics, Master of Finance, Master of Arts in Curating and Art History, Master of Arts in Digital History from Global Asia, and Doctor of Policy Studies (Education Policy and Management), are all designed to provide experiential learning platforms for students, nurturing talents for the society and facilitating their all-round development.


In the process of experiential learning, Lingnan University programs focus on learning and application. There are a wide variety of classroom and other modes of learning, such as individual projects, group studies, interdisciplinary exchanges, field trips, internships and international academic seminars. Engaging with peers, mentors and industry leaders both within and beyond the university, students can apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in real-world situation. Drawing from these personal experiences, they can then skillfully identify and strategize their path forward.


At the same time, students are provided with ample opportunities to enrich their professional development and to broaden international perspective. Through participating in the Conference for Higher Education Research, Symposium on Internationalization and Quality Management of Higher Education, Global Higher Education Webinar Series, and Cities and Governance Seminar Series organized by Lingnan University, students can cultivate and refine their professional knowledge, hone their personal skills, and broaden their global perspectives across various dimensions. More noteworthy is the International Postgraduate Summer School jointly organized by Lingnan University and the University of Oxford, UK. Scholars and research postgraduates from a diverse range of disciplines gather to showcase their key academic achievements, exchange research best practices and deliberate on research methodologies. By forging partnership with leading institutions in Asia and the UK, Lingnan fosters vibrant research clusters that cater to the diverse interests of students from various corners of the globe. Through learning from world-renowned scholars and enriching their own research experience, students are empowered to make informed career choices and establish a robust foundation for their academic growth, thereby forging personal and societal impact.


Join the vibrant community of Lingnan University and immerse yourself in the enriching world of experiential learning offered by its liberal arts research education. Together, let’s compose the next exciting chapter of Lingnan University!


Enrollment for Lingnan University Postgraduate Programs for the 2024/25 academic year is now open. Please visit our official website for detailed information and application procedures: